Backstage Latest On The Shield Having Heat, WWE Monitoring TNA Releases, More

The Shield

– There has been some backstage heat on The Shield in recent weeks but it’s said their Money in the Bank pre-show match against The Usos was so good that whatever heat they had was pretty much gone after that match.

It was said that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were the two that officials were upset with. People within WWE believe the heat was over something petty. One source believed the issue was between Rollins and Big Show while another report was that Roman Reigns called out Randy Orton over a botched spot at a live event and that led to heat on him. Regardless of what happened, word is that there was a power struggle of sorts in that Vince McMahon wanted people punished and Triple H didn’t want them punished, so Triple H was fighting to keep them looking strong on TV.

– There are current TNA talents who have tried to talk to WWE as of late, about how to go about getting out of their deals, but WWE refuses to talk to them since they’re under contract to TNA. WWE has been monitoring who is being released from TNA. The feeling is that Matt Morgan will likely be WWE-bound by the end of the year.


  • Pancake Patterson

    It’s a good job Triple H has got some power backstage now; stop Vince’s ego ruining talent.
    Never understand why he has to bury anyone that annoys him or doesn’t entertain him.
    Look at Cesaro as few months ago as a great example.

  • Knockoutz4L!fe

    Sign Tara (Victoria) back, WWE! :D #WhatIsSheGettingReadyFor

  • ★World of Whimsical★

    Wasn’t WWE the ones who released him to begin with?

  • WrestlingAddictionForum

    If Victoria were to ever return to the WWE, her feuding with AJ for the title is a first (what with both AJ & Victoria linked to spiders, and both of them being crazy and such), probably with her then either winning it and lose it again to AJ, or have AJ
    retain it off the bat. Then after that, Victoria can be the official manager for the
    debuting… PAIGE!