Backstage Latest On WWE Officials Possibly Adding An Extension To CM Punk’s Contract

Published On 07/13/2014 | By Staff | News reported that there was talk within WWE that the company would add another 6 months to CM Punk’s contract when it expires in a few days, similar to how they did with Rey Mysterio as there’s a clause that says WWE can extend contracts if a talent is out of action for so long.

The belief this week is that since it’s not really in anyone’s best interest, WWE won’t be forcing the extension.

Punk owns the rights to his name and as noted, already has an appearance lined up for AXS TV after his WWE contract expires. It’s worth mentioning that Punk is back to using his ring name after using his real name Phil Brooks on Talking Dead a few months back.


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  • Lishia Rolbiecki

    With all of the purported budgets cuts and talent releases I would be very surprised if they extended his contract. If they did extended his contract it would just look like WWE was doing it as an act of thumbing their nose at him.

  • Eoin Egan

    would wwe really ”just release” punk like that?? it would cause pure outrage and they cant do a chris benoit on him with the title reigns he’s had

    • Lochlan Fisher

      Very Very different situations man. Punk walked out because he disagreed and yeah WWE will not be happy about it. But not even in the same league as what happened with Benoit.

      • Eoin Egan

        but what i mean is that surely they cant try and just pretend that he never existed because you still hear chris benoit chants nowadays so if they tried that with punk everyone would be outraged

        • Lochlan Fisher

          I don’t understand why they would pretend he never existed. They might disagree with how he left but Jeff Hardy failed multiple drug tests and was run out of the company and they still reference his title runs. Just because VKM or whoever it may be at HQ has the SH*ts now they will move on. EVERYONE is replaceable no matter who they are.

        • ksedude

          They’re not pretending he never existed. The WWE Network just did a special on his 2 MITB victories, and they’re also airing his documentary soon too. They’re not gonna promote his name on RAW and SmackDown because he doesn’t work there anymore. They aren’t pulling a Benoit though. It’s not like WWE will be producing a special about Chris Benoit’s accomplishments anytime soon.

    • Harps Starkz

      Wwe have moved on and after Royal Rumble we may see sting so Cm punk will just be a forgotten man.

  • Lee Alexander

    He walked out on the company. They should just release him.

  • Melissa

    I think they should just let him go; there is no sense in adding time to a contract or trying to force him into doing anything.

  • thatpj

    Non compete clause?

  • Cage

    hahah, fucking dirtsheets. They will just publish any speculation regarding CM Punk just to get more hits on their pages.
    As Heyman said, no one except Punk/HHH/McMahon really knows what happened in that room after Royal Rumble.

    • Harps Starkz

      Even you came on fuck face

      • Cage

        Fuck face? Ok thanks!
        when did I say I did not fall for it? Every time I click a Punk-related article I hope they have something interesting to say, but in the end it’s same old BS..

        • Harps Starkz

          Fair play I have accepted that he has gone Bring in Neville and Zayn

  • jmull

    I would add the extension. If Punk wants to make money, he should honor the time on his contract.

    • Harps Starkz

      He is very rich and does not need to wrestle no more.

      • jmull

        I didn’t say he needs the money, I said if he wants to make money.

  • Harps Starkz

    I think Punk leaving has shaken up the devolpment of Wwe and we will see a new wave of wrestlers to be future champions and think Wwe are trying to better the wrestlers in and out of the ring.

  • TheJakeWaller

    Punk walked because he is burnt out, forget the wrestling… just jump in a car and drive all over america and all over the world every day for a month, you’ll be burnt out, then try it for three months, than try doing it whilst working… most of you guys couldn’t hack it, none of you would hack it for as long as punk has, so hump off your high horse.

    And I bet none of you even knew who he was, nor did any of you care about him before his pipe bomb. I’m not claiming to be Punks biggest and only fan, and know everything about him, but let it go already. Hogan left the company, tried to get vince sent to prison, and then tried to get his business run into the ground with wcw, yet everyone wanks over hogan, please, some people just don’t make sense!

    • Harps Starkz

      Wow dude wrote a essay