Backstage News On CM Punk vs. Ryback At Hell In A Cell, Creative Reportedly Having Hard Time

WWE creative is having a hard time coming up with a finish for the Ryback vs. CM Punk match at Hell In a Cell.

They don’t want to have Ryback lose but also do not want to switch the WWE Title before the Royal Rumble in January. They also don’t want to end the pay-per-view with a screwjob and obviously can’t do a DQ finish inside the Cell. Officials also do not want to end the show with Big Show vs. Sheamus so it appears they are going to end up having to do something that they do not want to do.

There has been a lot of online speculation about Brock Lesnar interfering to cost Ryback the match with the idea of Ryback vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania 29. This would create a number of issues including messing up plans for Triple H’s revenge on Lesnar and the extra cost of using Lesnar on another pay-per-view above what he is contracted for.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)


    what if it ended with taker poppin in and choke slammin both men holdin the title for a match at royal rumble>!????

  • Jason

    well my idea is that either someone like lesnar interferes breaking the lock/chain on the door and goes after ryback while punk sneaks out of the door running leaving the match to a no contest…

    or ryback doing something to punk to put him through the door or the cell wall creating a OMG moment giving him the opportunity for punk to make a cheapshot/low blow and run leaving the match to be a no contest leaving ryback still undefeated and punk still wwe champion….

  • Kyle

    They could just not have the match in the cell. Not every match is going to be in the cell as far as I know, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t have every match in the cell last year. Aside from that idea, I agree with having it somehow end in a no contest. The Taker idea doesn’t work, bcuz Rock gets the title shot at the Rumble, so if anything have him run in and rock bottom them both, and end with him holding the title.