Backstage News On The Current WWE Creative Situation

After firing Eric Pankowski a few weeks back, WWE currently does not have one single lead creative writer – they have approximately four, and Stephanie McMahon apparently wants more.

As reported, the person who is currently replacing the ex-WWE Senior Vice President of Creative and Development Eric Pankowski is the same person that was hired by Pankowski as a Vice President in Creative a few months back. He’s now been promoted to Senior Vice President. Pankowski was released from the company earlier this month.

Another writer is David Kreizman, a daytime Emmy winner, who was hired a few months back. Then you have Ed Koskey, who is RAW’s lead writer, Dave Kapoor, who is SmackDown’s lead writer and Ryan Ward, who works with Dusty Rhodes on NXT.

There’s a running joke that many different people have different titles, the pay sucks for those positions and that within the past week, a few people asked for raises and were denied. “They have enough people to field a football team,” it was noted by a source.

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