Backstage News & Details On Ryback’s Opponents On RAW & SD

Ryback’s opponents on this week’s WWE SmackDown from Columbia, South Carolina are Tony Andriotic and Kevin Mahoney, known as Michael Freehly and John Skyler on the independent scene. WWE has been announcing Ryback’s opponents from cities that rival the city they are in, to draw a heel reaction from the crowd. Andriotic and Mahoney are announced from Clemson, North Carolina, which is the rival of the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Skyler is actually a South Carolina graduate. Frehley is in the Army Reserve and is heading out to Afghanistan this week so best wishes are with him.

Ryback’s victims on RAW this week were announced as Arthur Rosenberg and Stan Hansky. As previously noted, they were indy wrestlers Kirby Mack and Stoney Hooker. They were announced from Downers Grove, Illinois and recited a poem together, which internally was meant to be a rib on Lanny Poffo, the brother of Randy Savage. The belief is they ribbed Poffo because he recently made it clear that Randy’s family won’t allow him in the WWE Hall of Fame unless he’s inducted with Lanny and their father Angelo Poffo. One of the names of the wrestlers was the real name of a WWE merchandise executive.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)