Backstage News From RAW: Script Changes, Y2J, Punk, Cena

We’ve got a number of backstage news items from Monday’s RAW Supershow from Memphis:

– The script for the show was changed several times throughout the day and was not finalized until around 7pm local time.

– Chris Jericho’s WWE return was not on the booking sheets that were handed out before Monday’s RAW from Memphis. Once Jericho arrived backstage, there was no major effort made to keep his presence a secret.

– As previously reported, Brodus Clay was backstage and there were plans to have him finally debut on television in a squash match, but his segment was bumped due to time constraints. Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis teased on Twitter that Clay’s debut being pushed off again was all part of a plan – and the constant delays will be turned into a storyline. The plan is for Clay to eventually debut as an indestructible monster, similar to how Mark Henry was booked prior to his injury. It remains to be seen whether Clay will be on television before the Royal Rumble.

– CM Punk was hurting when he returned backstage after his match against Dolph Ziggler. There is talk of him taking some time off to rest up.

– The angle with Kane coming from under the ring was written about a week ago but officials didn’t know how they would get to it until the day of the show. The six-man elimination match was put together at the last minute. Officials wanted John Cena in the closing segment so there would be an “Indiana Jones-like” cliffhanger to end the show.