Backstage News From WWE Talent Meeting Before Raw; What Was Said And More

A talent meeting was held before Monday’s RAW. Word is that nobody really spoke up after everything that was said backstage last week.

Talents were told to use common sense in all dealings, mainly when it comes to social media. They were outright told that any kind of xenophobic comments or racial remarks will not be tolerated. It was also pushed that the company is PG programming. The idea is that anything anyone says that wouldn’t be in good taste to children should not be said. Officials didn’t use those exact words but that was the message sent.

Regarding nobody speaking out, the feeling was that whatever problems there could have been from the talents, are all quelled because the top guys are happy with their positions and aren’t going to make waves, and the bottom guys can only lose their jobs if they were to speak out. With AW being fired, most felt that it wasn’t worth the risk to say anything that would come across as complaining.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)