Backstage News On Adrian Neville’s WWE Future, NXT Women’s Title To Be Vacated?, More

Published On 04/12/2014 | By Staff | News

– As noted, NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension are likely to debut on WWE TV in the next few months, in addition to the NXT stars that were pushed on Monday’s RAW.

With many talents being promoted to the main roster, look for Shaun Ricker (Slate Randall) to get a push on NXT TV soon. NXT Champion Adrian Neville will stay on NXT through the end of the summer at the very least.

– With Paige winning the WWE Divas Title on RAW, the NXT Women’s Title will likely be vacated with Charlotte or Sasha Banks as champion, being chased by Bayley.


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  • arlowoodenhead

    This has really cheapened the Diva’s title if a new girl can get it her first try. Love AJ and Paige, though. Looking forward to them working together.

    • System Failure

      Gail Kim won the Women’s title in her debut match for the WWE, too. Also, it made sense that a debuting wrestler would win it this time. AJ had just beaten all of the current Women’s division in a single match. The only logical step would be to then have a newcomer be the one to do what no one else could.

      • arlowoodenhead

        You claim that the WWE is logical? Can’t suspend my disbelief that far. Besides, Gail Kim was and is a proven top star. Not dissing Paige, she was great in NXT and the indies.

        • System Failure

          Just because they make some bafflingly stupid decisions doesn’t mean that they can’t follow a sense of logic in any of their storylines.

          Also, at the time that Gail Kim won the title during her debut, she wasn’t a proven top star. She had 2 years in the indies and a few months at OVW. Paige has more of a background than Gail Kim did. Yeah, now Gail Kim is a proven top star, but who’s to say that Paige won’t be in the same amount of time?

    • FUTPD

      This has created the only interest in the title in a long time. AJ had no one left to face, she beat everyone. This was a great way to debut Paige. The fans have seen her on NXT so shes familiar, and her first televised match with Emma was awesome. This is the first time I have been interested in the divas division in a long time. So it seems theyve done something right.

    • Bryan Thomas

      The title got cheapened when they start putting it around the bellas etc. What are you talking about? It’s been cheap lol. Paige winning in her first night was a great way to book her. How would you have had it. Having her get on tv losing to cameron and nikki?. I think not.

      • arlowoodenhead

        I would have had Paige lose to Summer Rae with FanDingdong interfering. Then AJ comes out to taunt the new girl. It would have been a little more believable and would have let Paige show some wrestling skills. The way they did it was just like stripping it from AJ and handing it to Paige.

        • Bryan Thomas

          My concern is, how are they going to use her with the diva’s that always have matches but have no decent in ring ability? Are they going to make it seem like the eva maries and the the nikki bellas of the company can keep up with her?

    • Necro

      You’re saying Paige is cheap? She’s earned this so much! She along with Emma and AJ are the most talented in that roster so her getting the title makes it that much better because PAIGE VS AJ WILL BE GREAT! Cheap is when one of the Total Divas get the title, not when a deserving person gets it.

      • arlowoodenhead

        I am not saying Paige is cheap, I love her work, but AJ brings so much talent in other areas. Her drama and mike work are miles ahead of any other diva, including Paige.

        • Necro

          That’s because she’s had over 2 years to build that persona, Paige has the promo skills and the in ring work to compete with AJ, and she’s ONLY 22! She’s got a future ahead of her. I like AJ a lot but she’s had her reign of almost 300 days….say if she lost it after 100 then there’d be something wrong, but it’s been 300! I can’t complain at all about that.

    • nbdynprtcular

      The Divas title has been cheap ever since it debuted. The only women’s title that had any history behind it was killed by WWE.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Hey i encourage everyone to check out shaun ricker’s indy work he’s great on the mic and in the ring. It’s about time.

  • FlawlessRKO

    Paige said she isn’t vacating the title. She worked her butt off to earn it.