Backstage News On AJ Lee Taking A Break From WWE; Latest Details On Her Status

After dropping the Divas Championship week to the debuting Paige, AJ Lee is taking a hiatus from WWE.

Conspicuous by her absence on recent Raw’s was the New Jersey native, who many would have expected to address the young upstart after she ended her record-setting 295-day title reign. When she didn’t appear on Monday April 14th’s Raw in Birmingham, Alabama nor Tuesday April 15th SmackDown and WWE Main Event taping in Nashville, Tennessee, questions were raised. (Hot Photos Of AJ Lee’s Assets In Action)

The script for April 14th’s Raw episode leaked and she and boyfriend CM Punk were listed as “injured – to be determined.” For those wondering what this means about the status of both, Figure Four Weekly editor Bryan Alvarez addressed as much on the Bryan & Vinny Show on

“For those of you asking about why AJ and CM Punk were listed on the injured reserve, that list does not necessarily mean ‘injured’. It is a place that you put people and by putting them in the injured reserve list, people ask fewer questions. That’s how it was described to me,” said Alvarez. “I believe that AJ asked for time off. She’s not hurt, and obviously CM Punk is not hurt. Punk, like I said, I don’t expect to see him back. AJ will probably be back but she’s also engaged to CM Punk and you never know. Far more likely she will be back but right now she’s on hiatus.”

Lee’s services may not be required until after Extreme Rules since she is not getting an immediate championship rematch against Paige. Her partner in crime, Tamina Snuka, won a Divas Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal on WWE Main Event to secure a title shot at the annual event taking place May 4, 2014 in Lee’s backyard of East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Close-up Photos Of AJ Lee’s Engagement Ring From CM Punk

  • charovnica

    Dumb move. I’m an AJ fan,but to take a break when everyone was so hot for a Paige vs AJ feud is mindblowingly idiotic. I’m saying this,cause I know she wants to help the division,but she blew it here.

    • Yusei Asakura

      Eh I kinda gotta agree with you but also disagree

      This does give a chance for the other divas to how do put this? Pull their weight? not to mention you’re basically building up other champs and other feuds. Who knows She could come back in time for SS( Where normally diva matches are piss matches or pre show matched) and have big match there and it makes the card. Not to mention this keeps Creative on their fucking toes because now they can’t just have “OH Let’s put A diva in a match against AJ for the title or a non title match! Good idea now how are we going to build this up? By doing nothing but have them have a few words wrestle a couple of matches and BAM AJ retains Ez pz.

      • charovnica

        I get that,but how stupid was to give Paige the title in such a way and then let her hang with no real build up between her and Tamina? Unless AJ does interfere at ER,I don’t see much happening with Paige’s reign,cause WWE is that lazy with writing when it comes to the rest of the divas roster. It’s like they don’t even care.

    • tobimobi

      Yeah she could have kept it going to extreme rules then have a mental break down after losing put her in a restraining jacket and made a storyline out of it. Or at least have done that on raw when she lost.

    • Jamie

      Just think of it this way: The girl had 295 days with that title. No days off. She wanted days off, so I guess in order to do that she had to drop the title. She did it with someone who’s now the youngest Divas champion in history. Storyline writers pretty much had perfect timing to do such a thing, but this doesn’t mean AJ’s contract is ending. It’s just time off. When she comes back, she can continue her feud with Paige. And (I’m not 100% sure about the following so if you feel the need to correct me then you can) she has a rematch clause to use. I expect them to continue feuding once she returns.

  • xnyer

    Going to miss AJ

  • Billy Heffner

    Shea coming bsck nid msy everyone relax

  • Necro

    I like this and I don’t at the same time because this just makes the fans want it more! We all want this match to happen, and what better place to give the match than at Payback in my hometown of Chicago! A little biased but yes, our crowd will make this match seem like one of the best divas matches of the decade!