Backstage News On Batista’s WWE Status, Possible Segment For Raw, Vince McMahon

It was reported that that the plan for WWE’s Payback event next month was Batista vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title but Batista turned down and is leaving to take time off about a month early.

Coming out of Extreme Rules, nothing is settled regarding the Payback main event, even though Batista got pinned in the Evolution vs. The Shield match. WWE officials are not happy at all with Batista changing their plans for Payback.

Vince McMahon reportedly still wants Batista vs. Bryan as the main event for Payback.

Even though Extreme Rules is Batista’s last advertised appearance for this current run, he will be in Albany for tonight’s RAW and could be booked in a segment for his exit with The Shield.


  • chris

    Hmm they re mad at Batista?..but they promised him a Royal Rumble win and a WrestleMania title win? no I dnt know those things to be true but why wld I want to stay around after being pinned at WrestleMania then Extreme be ready to get the hell outta town too.

    • chris

      then they re asking him to put Bryan over again..smh

  • Being Benjamin

    All Batista SHOULD be doing is putting guys over. Batista gets Xpac heat at this point.. Last night proved that.. When Hunter or Orton were in the ring.. Indifference.. When Batista tagged in.. BOOOO’S! He doesn’t need the title.. At all.. IMHO, ever. WWE is obviously going with a new younger direction, 45 year old ring rust Batista does not need the title and should be jobbed out to Bryan, The Shield, Rusev, anyone else he goes up against that’s half his age.

    I don’t hate Batista.. but I can’t bring myself to care about him.. At all. He wanted to be a movie star, so let him go be a movie star. I’d rather the title be around the waste of a guy who’s going to lead the company forward, than seeing it on Entertainment Tonight at a movie premiere.

    He’ll probably get kicked out of Evolution tonight and we won’t see him again for who knows how long. Hopefully Evolution then brings in a guy like Sheamus (who needs to turn heel) or Barrett, I don’t see it being Barrett though as he has pretty big face momentum on his side.

    • Jam

      Hell, Batista didn’t even have to win the Royal Rumble & they REALLY should’ve let Daniel Bryan come in at #30.

      • FUTPD

        I bet if they could go back, that would be exactly what happened, though Im not complaining about how things turned out. I thought the Triple Threat Match was good, and I loved the abuse Bryan had to go through to win that belt.

    • FUTPD

      Sheamus would be a great fit for Evolution. He and Orton have good history fighting each other and HHH is a big supporter (or was) of him. Sheamus needs something different and I think working with Orton would be good for both of them. Also, after a couple months I wouldnt hate a heel Sheamus going after Bryan, those two can work great together.