Backstage News On Batista’s WWE Status, WWE Officials Upset Over His Return Leaked

WWE officials were reportedly very upset that Batista’s return to the company leaked online Friday night although there was a feeling that maybe WWE leaked the news to generate some buzz for his return. The leak happened when WWE sent promotional information to venues of upcoming live events that revealed Batista would in fact be returning.

WWE contacted the sources and told them to pull it when the information began to get published online and make its way onto social media.

As reported, the official ticketing company for the Las Vegas-based Thomas & Mack Center,, is no longer advertising “The Animal” for WWE’s scheduled non-televised event at the venue on Sunday, February 16, 2014. A graphic featuring the six-time world champion was also removed. Vice President of Digital Operations for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, also revealed on Twitter Friday night that Batista would appear at another non-televised event; scheduled for Saturday, February 15, 2014 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The message was quickly deleted.

There are still some radio ads in the area saying he’ll be at the show.

WWE is keeping quiet when it comes to comments on Batista’s return after the promotional material leaked advertising his return for next year.

It remains to be seen how the leak impacts Batista’s inevitable return but it does look like “The Animal” will be back between January and February as well as be around for WrestleMania XXX next year.

  • Big_Heat_34

    “Surprise” entrant in the Rumble, that would be my guess.

  • cj

    If it wouldn’t have been leaked his return would have been epic, if WWE handled it right that is. It’s hard to keep things on the hush in the wrestling business tho .

  • Wrestling Dog

    I would of preferred the complete surprise – but everyone knew Brock was coming back and that was epic! So there is still hope…

  • BestBooker

    Why didn’t wwe keep batistas name off the advert?! How hard is that? Batistas return has been ruined due to incompetence. God damn it triple h sux!
    But he’s done a great job on building the future roster of wwe.