Backstage News On Bray Wyatt’s Character Being Face, Will WWE Take Away His Song?, More

bray-wyatt3 reported that there are several people within WWE who believe that Bray Wyatt will be a full-on babyface before the end of this year.

It was said by some people close to the business that Wyatt was already a babyface because of how he mentions the city they’re in when he comes out and because of how he engages the fans with the singing.

WWE’s mentality is that they are just looking to get Wyatt over. WWE never intended for fans to sing along when Wyatt sings “The Whole World In His Hands” and they never intended for it to be a babyface spot. However, it’s become a trademark for Wyatt so they aren’t looking to take it away from him just to make him more of a heel.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • cj

    The fact that they don’t believe he is over is odd. He’s bout as over as over gets in the PG era as far as crowd reaction (except from the kids who love Cena of course) he’s not The Rock or Stone Cold over but in today’s WWE who is ?

    • Rohit Tiwari

      CM Punk was…..he was better then all of them… had better gimmick den everyone in roster currently….

      • codys moustache

        No, punk isn’t better than dean ambrose

    • codys moustache

      Bray wyatt would make a great heel for baby face austin.

  • John Lamm

    Haven’t they learned by now that anyone they put up against Cena is treated as a face by at least 50% of the crowd? Wyatt only moreso because he’s been a cool heel.

  • thatpj

    Turning him baby face will kill his gimmick dead. Thanks Cena!

  • Bryan

    They didn’t expect it? HOLY FUCKING SHIT ARE YOU SERIOUS? . So they thought cena was gonna get the pop? HAHAHAHA this is concrete evidence that there are a bunch of fucking dip shits behind the scenes.

  • mac888

    Wyatt is stale and boring, because of his promos I broke the fast forward button on my DVR

    • DanielsonFan

      Shame on you.

    • RVD4Life

      Yeah, Shame on you.. Some of IWC fans are the hardest to please.. Wyatt is the best thing on Raw and has been since last year..

      • mac888

        yes there is nobody I am more ashamed of than myself lol…I suppose you fellars also sing along with Bray? Listen I was a huge mark for him last year but I don’t know what happened, just tired of him I guess.

  • Bryan

    I’ve said in the past, wyatt is not top heel material. People love him too much. The top heel is suppose to a guy that you buy tickets to go see him finally get his ass kicked. Not a guy who supposed to be a bad guy but gets cheered (Bray), or a guy who gets booed because he’s boring (orton)

  • Jonathan Baylor


  • Jason


  • jmull

    He could still be a great heel. People want to cheer him, and he’ll get even more heat if he tells them to shut the fuck up and calls them a bunch of ignorant, redneck Cena-lovers. The best heels are the ones we love to hate!

  • Rob Ert

    I liked when Wyatt sang the first couple times, it was creepy. But now it’s just getting painful, considering what a horrible voice he has. I wish it wasn’t part of his schtick.

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