Backstage News On Brie & Stephanie, Talk On Why Triple H Thinks Some Fans Are Cheap, NXT

– Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have both reportedly been training hard with the goal of having a good match at WWE Summer Slam.

– It was said by in this week’s newsletter that Triple H is angry at WWE fans if they’re not subscribing to the WWE Network with the idea that fans are cheap.

– If WWE does go ahead and move SmackDown back to Thursday nights, the live NXT specials would air on Wednesday night. No word yet on if NXT and Superstars would move to Wednesdays or Fridays.


  • bakayaro_konoyaro666

    Hopefully that network goes down the drain.

  • daniel martinez

    We’re not cheap. WWE thinks that they can make the lack of show they put now by making us want to subscribe to watch everything that happened in the past. How about make something that’s worth watching in the present. It’s not even unpredictable anymore(except Taker at mania). Honestly one of the reasons I subscribed to the network was that I thought they were gonna show raw episodes, and not a month late, I know it’s cause of USA network deal but hulu has it so why can’t they work something out?

    • wwm

      That’s because Hulu is roughly 33% owned by NBC Universal(which owns the USA network)

  • Melissa

    I guess he doesn’t take into account that some fans live in a rural area where interent speeds are not fast enough to push the signal.

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    Come On WWE! The Network is an amazing idea but there is costing a lot of things for the company, they have to realized that WWE Network have to be cancelled.

  • Guest

    PG product where the target audience is below 16….calls fans cheap…

  • UrbanHermit

    PG product where the target audience is below 16 and can’t get jobs due to their age…..calls fans cheap for not buying the network…

  • James Tebrucio Luna

    Me:”Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have both reportedly been training hard with the goal of having a good match at WWE Summer Slam.” with the build up being put in I would thi….
    HHH: Hold on there James imma let you finish in a sec but do you people know that you can sign up for the WWE Network for only $9.99?

  • codys moustache

    Triple h is angry?? Fuck him!!!!

  • Matt Hollands

    When they decide to stop kissing Rogers Canada’s ass and let us have the option to get the WWE Network without needing to be a Rogers cable/satelite subscriber…I will gladly play the $9.99.
    But it’s hardly fair that Canada has to pay a subscription fee of $44.99 (basic) for Rogers AND then add a subscription channel for $9.99 when everyone else gets the program the way Netflix works

    • Rico

      Wow, that’s some bullshit

    • bakayaro_konoyaro666

      Don’t get that network. It’s not worth it. The product isn’t good

  • hhhipster

    I think the majority of us WWE fans should bring signs to every television tappings that’s says ‘Not Subscribed” it would be phenomenal.

  • Danielson

    $9.99 gets you archive PPVs, but not a good product for the present.

  • Chris Morris

    I ain’t cheap, the network just isn’t in the UK. I’ll carry on being cheap then, watching through Sky Sports xD

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    The current programme isn’t even worth getting the Network

  • Rico

    They just need to add every bit of content possible to the Network. Hell, put Smackdown exclusively on the Network with great angles and storyline development on the show to make it must-see and must-buy. Also, adding Raw episodes maybe the day after it airs wouldn’t hurt. They don’t have enough documentaries, put all of those on there as well. Basically, make it special and make people WANT to buy it.

  • The_MCuevas

    The only current thing REMOTELY entertaining on the network is NXT. I mean going from $60 to $9.99 for a shitty PPV is a plus, but I barely use the network. Only Thursday nights. Watching old content just makes me more disappointed at the current direction the company is going in

    • bakayaro_konoyaro666

      So are you unsubscribing? Because i am.

      • The_MCuevas


  • ChloeMatthews

    The only use I have of the WWE Network is PPVs and NXT. Everything else is garbage, I don’t find it useful. Especially since they don’t have ALL content. I look up Team Xtreme matches, can’t find barely any content at all. Although I know this may be a bit reasonable, I can’t find Chris Benoit content. Literally other than PPVs and NXT, FUCK THE NETWORK. And, screw Triple H too! I don’t blame non-subscribers at all because who actually wants to waste their cash on this “Network”?! Give me a break!

    • ksedude

      Chris Benoit content is on the network, it’s just unlisted.

  • Morreece Cortland

    So WWE expects everyone to just buy everything they sell us although we don’t like their product? WTF kind of sales tactic is that? WWE fans know about the network, it’s just with shitty ppvs and shitty shows every week that come on for free, why the hell would people want to pay for the same shitty product? I signed up for the WWE Network back when it 1st came out, but I will be sure to cancel it. I don’t watch it, only for PPVs and my stream still freezes so it’s not worth it to me to sit through 3 hours of a ppv unhappy with the results month in and month out, so Triple H, fuck you, get better writers, ditch the PG crap and MAYBE more people will subscribe to your Network… asshole.