Backstage News on Brock Lesnar’s Return Schedule and the WWE World Heavyweight Title

Published On 07/05/2014 | By Staff | News

While Brock Lesnar is expected to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and there’s been talk of Lesnar defending against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31, it’s still unknown how much Lesnar will be working besides SummerSlam, Night of Champions and a possible appearance at Battleground to put “plan B” in motion against John Cena.

It’s also expected that he would work Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 31 at least but there would be many dates he would have to work if he’s going to hold the title for several months.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • jmull

    Just more of a reason they should not have recreated the “Goldberg problem” by having him beat the Streak.

    • tobimobi

      Even if Lesnar never wrestled again I would still say he was the right choice to end the streak. If not him then HBK should have come back to do it. Imo it was to big to get wasted on the flavor of the month.

      • Kris Lermond

        They should have waited for Sting.

      • jmull

        Well then don’t give it to the flavor of the month; give it to someone they want to push as the next next big thing — WHO WORKS FULL TIME!

        • tobimobi

          That’s exactly what I meant by flavor of the month by WWE logic anyway. Thanks for helping me state my point. HBK went out to a part timer so did Flair and Austin.

        • Joey Slater

          Why would they give it to a full time worker? Imagine if say, Reigns broke the streak, the momentum he’d get, he would need to win pretty much every single match for the next 18 months minimum, unlike with Brock, who’s now a bigger commodity to the WWE since he broke the streak, who works less matches, so in a 12 months time span, he’ll have 5 matches top? Well if he wins 4, then loses at mania next year it just does more for that guy who beats him, because that up and comer, isn’t having to be winning every match for the next year, on weekly tv.
          Long story short, a full time guy would have to go undefeated for absolutely ages, Brock could go undefeated for a year with very few matches, and it does more for the talent that goes over him.

          • jmull

            Perhaps. But with Brock working few matches and only with top talent, he is expected to win every time; and him being a part-timer who comes in to win over full time talent is problematic as well.

  • Necro

    C’mon Brock……do you really not give a shit about the WWE anymore that you’re limiting how much you come out for considering you only wrestle 2 matches a year? At least the Rock came out more consistently before Mania….hopefully Brock does the same..

    • Kris Lermond

      Part timers, winning titles..just shouldn’t happen.

      • Stupidmarkslikeme

        I respectfully disagree. Look at hogan in the 80’s, the title was strong because hogan was not on tv all the time.I think that this made it special when hogan defended or showed up on tv. It made it even better when hogan lost.

        I would rather it be on brock than on cena. Brock is the ultimate monster that you want your baby face to face. If he beats the monster he becomes the true king of the mountain. It also gives the challenger the ability to have two story lines going and after he wins or loses the blow off he can slide right into the second storyline making the product on tv less all over the place. I hope this makes sense cause i am high.

        • Necro

          Anyone is better than Cena, but seriously this isn’t the 80s though, Punks reign was probably the greatest example of how it should be done, over 400 days, he came out almost every week if not every week and had something to do and the crowd reacted to him as a heel and face….and Brock isn’t coming out all the time because he can’t, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

          • Stupidmarkslikeme

            True. However, Punk to me was not booked to be the top guy for his reign. I think he was used as a guy to get other guys over and make them viable opponents for super cena to destroy. Yes, over 400 days is great in the record book, but i don’t really remember him as the top guy even though he was booked to beat cena and i am a big punk guy.

          • Necro

            Brock wont be the top guy either though, he’ll be the guy that shows up once every blue moon.

  • sam

    my dream match wud be brock vs american badass taker for the titles…i knw udrtakers banged up and all bt itd be awesome to c the american badass one last time…winin the titles nd taking it to the grave…nd den a new era wid a new title belt :D

    • Jason

      You know 12 years ago Brock Feuded with ABA Taker, Title Matches included, a steel chain on a pole, HIAC, etc Taker is now 0-??? against Lesnar. Reason i put the “???” is because i lost count on how many times Lesnar beat Taker one on one

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Honestly why the fuck did they let him break the streak in the first place if he still won’t be committed to the WWE for more dates even when he is guaranteed the WWEWHC title + shit stack of money.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    So if they want him to stay for more dates.. they’re just gonna have to pay him MORE money? He wouldn’t have been such a major asset if they just let Taker keep his streak

  • thatpj

    I think he can hold the title as long as he shows up every couple months.

  • cj

    It was “reported” that Taker wanted the streak broken before he faced Sting, because he didn’t want any gimmicks or the streak to be the main focus of the much awaited match. Which is understandable. But with Brock being the one to break the streak, & now pretty much being guaranteed to win the WWEWHC, I feel like he should at least work a full year. He’s being given SO much and still gets to be part-time. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it because he’s proven himself 10 years ago, but I just think it’d be fair for him to stick around from now all the way to WM31, especially if he’s to be champ