Backstage News On Chris Jericho’s Departure & The Sitdown With CM Punk & Steve Austin

– People were saying their goodbyes to Chris Jericho over the weekend at SummerSlam and last night’s RAW. Jericho’s attitude about leaving was mostly nonchalant as he was telling people he had other goals to reach and that he would be back to WWE.

– As noted before, Jim Ross recently filmed a sitdown interview with CM Punk and Steve Austin for the WWE ’13 video game. The interview was designed to be like the Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels DVD interview from last year.

Austin and Punk talked about who would win between the two in real life and how that would play into WWE ’13. While there is a lot of respect between Austin and Punk, it’s said that they put on a lot of heat and tension for the cameras. There’s still no word yet on when or where the interview will air.

(Source: PWInsider)