Backstage News On CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family, WWE Pushing Larger Stars

– Part of the reason for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s feud with The Wyatt Family is to help elevate Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. As much as WWE officials are high on Bray Wyatt, they also want to push Rowan and Harper.

– As reported, there is a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight, which is why Big Show is back in the main event.

The feeling among WWE officials is that they have a number of average-sized performers and now is the time to sign more head-turning attractions, more bigger & burlier wrestlers. WWE is looking to focus on bigger and stronger Superstars as opposed to guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Necroshade

    So basically they want less actual wrestlers? I’m so done with the WWE right now.

    • Jason

      agreed, i haven’t watched since cena beat sandow when he cashed in

  • Adam Heatherly

    So basically daniel bryan will never hold the title again fuck wwe

  • Bubu Ji Prakash

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can’t there be another Promotion who values wrestling storylines Wrestlers and has a Tv deal

    • jose1shot

      we have to support other promotions then, like TNA, to give WWe some competition

      • Kiran Sahonta

        i hear you man but tna make it really hard to wanna support them

        • jose1shot

          Looks like things are turning around. Seems like they have acknowledged that there is a problem, and try to fix it by going back to what made TNA good :) TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION

        • jaosn

          no joke… I would almost rather support ROH before TNA.

  • bryan

    What does that mean for ambrose?

  • CMPunk is a legend

    Big wrestlers in the spotlight = boring matches. Thank you WWE.

  • Trav815

    Yet Punk and Bryan have been your two most over guys in a long time. Makes sense right?

  • disqus_cmF8912gQl

    they are saving bryans big win until mania season and using him and punks popularity to push new talents, in the long run this will be better than winning in an october PPV and leaving the other guys in the midcard

  • That Guy

    Is that also why Big Show is using the Yes! chants now? I mean, it’s obviously because the crowd doesn’t care about him otherwise. If they can find some more big guys that can really wrestle, I’m down for that, but not at the expense of the wrestlers that are the only reason I watch the WWE for (i.e. Bryan, Punk, Ziggler..)

  • SemajTheSellout

    I don’t have a huge problem with this in theory. My issue is, Big Show is not a big guy I feel they need to push. If Mark Henry was around I’d understand. Mark Henry has an attitude that would work well against this Authority storyline. I really hate baby face show. He has no edge, and that crying shit is for the birds.

    But there are guys like Reigns, Langston, Cesaro, The Wyatts etc that can be big stars in the future. The best way to do this is to have an influx of great managers who can help them on the mic (Wyatts already have Bray). However, my favorite current superstars are the likes of Ziggler, Bryan, Rollins and Punk.

    My personal favorite matches are clashes of styles. So hopefully while pushing the big guys, they don’t bury the little scrappers. Just because you push a guy doesn’t mean he has to win all the time, so don’t have Cesaro go on a goldberg run. We could use good fueds / matches like HBK vs Taker or HBK vs Mankind (Can you tell who my prototypical superstar is? LOL) I’m just saying a title feud between Bray and Dolph would be epic if handled right.

  • jason

    I like that WWE is pushing the wyatts & the shield… but what I don’t understand is why they hang ziggler out to dry? the guy wants the ball… he can carry the ball… why not give it to him? and spare me on the “twitter controversy”. that is old news by now. guys like bryan & ziggler aren’t getting any younger. by the time they appreciate them, they’ll prob have one foot out the door.

    I also wouldn’t mind wade barrett getting a major push upon his return. of course, it looks as if they will or they wouldn’t be prepping him as much otherwise.

    I also would like to see some heel turns as well…. too many faces right now. seems like the only heels are the guys getting pushed (wyatts, shield). HHH can do it better than almost anyone, but lets face hes just a pseudo vince mcmahon nowadays.

    the best heels in the business – no particular order: del rio, orton, ziggler, HHH, shield. punk can pull off both VERY well. ziggler and wade barrett are my main concerns. ziggs is just a better all around heel. it just fits his persona like a glove. and whenever barrett returns… please be sure he is a tough guy brawler (ryback w/out the screaming).

    and lastly…. why not one more cena turn before he calls it quits. I understand that cena is more marketable/powerful as a face because of the susan G. foundation & his relevance w/ the kids…. but I think it would make for an overall better product if he went backwards, if only for a quick stint.