Backstage News On CM Punk & Monday’s WWE Raw, Why He Has Leverage Right Now reported that there was a Bad News Barrett segment considered for this past Monday’s RAW from Chicago where Barrett would have informed fans that hometown star CM Punk wasn’t there.

WWE decided not to go with this angle because Vince McMahon still does not want to bury Punk publicly. Vince still hopes that Punk will get his head on straight and come back to WWE. Punk moves a lot of merchandise and WWE wants to have some kind of relationship with him because they’ve invested a lot of time and money into Punk and his licensing.

It’s said that Punk has some leverage now because of his relationship with Vince McMahon but as Triple H gains more power, things could change for Punk as far as how easy it is for him to come back when he wants.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Bryan Thomas

    Don’t know whether it’s HHH or vince who’s the bad guy. Punk should have main evented WM by now whoever sees orton and batista as a huge draw instead of punk vs bryan, needs their ass kicked. They should just own up to the fact that they have no good main event heels, they haven’t took the time to properly mold a heel so therefore until they do that, no heel should be in the main event at WM. People don’ despise ortoncor batista, they’re simply just bored with this. And that’s the problem. Orton isn’ booed for being a heel, he’s booed for being a bore and that’s what wwe doesn’t realize

    • Ellsworth Allah


  • Bryan Thomas

    When edge was in the title picture at WMs, people actually booed him bcause of his heel nature. Wwe is in desperate need of a heel. Bray wyatt can only do so much. A guy like him isn’t built to constantly compete for the title. He’s more built for feuds. Wo when you narrow it down. Orton is just boring now. Batista is still fresh but people are not buying into this guy obviously if you have “better than batista” chants at nxt so only guys i can really see stepping up to be that heel is sandow or ambrose

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX


      • Bryan Thomas

        Be serious. Rusev is only a brute-like umaga or vladimir. Plus i’ve seen him on nxt and he’s just not the top heel type. Also, i can never see a guy that the fans can’t even understand being the top heel ever. You have to work the mic

        • Xx_Deadpool_xX

          Lana Talks for hime

          • Bryan Thomas

            Yea she’s not that charismatic as far as i see. Maybe if he had someone like heyman. Hey i’m all for managers as long they have the manager role down. But i don’t necessarily see her engaging the crowd

    • Name

      In WWE’s eyes they find a guy who nobody wants to see and give him a push to piss off the fans and that’s what they call a heel anymore not someone talented on the mic they just want someone the fans are sick of seeing to be the heel.

      • Bryan Thomas

        I just think that it.s their misconception. The guys that we boo for boring us is the guys that they think are getting booed for drawing heat. Which is not the case. I’ve been following punk since before wwe and i am a fanboy of his lol, but even when he turns heel he can make me wanna see him get his ass kicked. That’s a heel. Chris jericho is a good heel, HHH was a boring heel and face

    • Guest

      They need someone without a twitter so people don’t know his REAL personality. That’s what’s wrong with today’s heels. You know how they are in real life so you don’t boo them.

    • Jesse Reid

      Problem with Bray is that he’s such a good heel and the fans are so tired of the same shit, that lots of people still cheer for him. I love the guy. I think he’s the best heel there right now and i hope he gets a major push. They need to get him, Cesaro, or Swagger the IC or US title. May make them relevant again.

      • Bryan Thomas

        But bray wyatt chasing after titles doesn’t suit his character. Well some would say that it didn’t suit undertakers character either. He did go his first 11 years in wwe with just only 3 world title reigns. But i would say that bray is the new taker, but you still need a top heel who’s obsessed with the world title. Ambrose could be that. They’ve dropped the ball with sandow. Rusev is too foreign so he’ll go down the typical anti american road, sheamus is horrible on the mic, so only person i see being that type of top heel is ambrose

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        Titles and bray don’t go good together…don’t fit his gimmick