Backstage News On CM Punk’s Status With WWE, Latest On Fans Hijacking NXT Tapings

– Regarding CM Punk’s status with WWE, several sources reiterate that this is not part of some big storyline.

It’s always possible that Punk and WWE officials will come to terms and the whole thing could played off as an angle but as of right now, that is not the case at all.

– It’s worth noting that Triple H did not make an appearance in front of the rowdy crowd at Thursday night’s WWE NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University.

Regarding the CM Punk chants that reported on Thursday night, one fan wrote to us and described it as one of the most disrespectful things they have ever seen from a wrestling crowd. Fans were chanting for Punk during other wrestler entrances and during their matches. Another fan said it had to be a nerve-wracking night for WWE officials because of the Punk fans.

  • rohit arora

    hope wwe fires d present crop of sit-com writers… dey sucks…
    hope booking gets better…
    i mean batista comes back want to go for title
    let d roster(dolph,del rio,real americans etc) comes and tell him get d fuck off
    den for d whole year let him go through d roster one by one per ppv den win d next yr rumble nd finally wrestlemania
    a captivating story which makes him connect with audience..

    now dats a story

  • rohit arora

    hats off punks fan nd bryans fan

  • David Garcia

    I’m still 65/35 this is a work:

    1) It all just fits too well with The Authority storyline and their “best for business” and determining who gets a shot at being “the face of WWE”.

    2) The news item of Vince wanting him back and making an effort to get him back. So why did WWE unfollow him on Twitter? Wouldn’t the thought be to get him back…unless twitter is the new kayfabe and this part of the story.

    3) The split between Vince/HHH says fake. The group of people who would be aware that there was a split of opinion on a top guy would be so small that none would leak and risk discovery…never mind it being a follow up to the previous storyline Vince/HHH split when HHH took control.

    4) JR who refuses to speculate 99.9% of the time on WWE business and is on record with his disappointment with Austin when he did the exact same thing, has penned a long blog speculating and expressing sympathy for Punk…and that’s not mentioning Mick Foley’s melodramatic antics in support of Bryan.

    5) If Batista was meant to return as the conquering hero…then why would you have the villainous Authority welcome him with open arms at his debut, unless it was all part of a bigger swerve. That was almost a cue to the casual audience that Batista might be a good guy…or maybe not.

    6) This is just upping the ante on the Summer of Punk, where he walks out on WWE, rather than just say he won’t re-sign. In his interview over the weekend, Punk expressed uncertainty on the future of PPV payouts…so why would he willingly give up what might end up being the last big Mania score for everybody this year? Why not take what’s given, get the six figures and then FO…I know fans buy Punk as the bastion of integrity…but he’s not dumb.

    7) Bryan has played up the idea in media appearances that the powers that be just don’t see money in him as “the face of WWE”

    If I mistakenly put my tinfoil hat on and am putting way too much thought into a reality that is much more simple and actually exactly as it has been presented…well then I’m the big dummy..but I can’t shake the gut feeling.

    • José Hernández II

      Twitter is now Kayfabe, it’s been Kayfabe. . . For WWE Superstars

    • jrock2310

      not to mention the words “im going home” — THOSE are the words being quoted from everyone. Not “I QUIT”

      Also, for anyone that saw the arsenio hall show last night… Austin was a guest promoting the new network. Hall asked Austin about the punk issue, Austin says he doesn’t THINK its a work. Later he did say that he was once in punks shoes, & that they (WWE/Austin) both came together to fix their issues.
      And if u know anything about talk shows… the host & guest usually get together before hand & discuss the topics of the show. My assumption is, because this punk issue just came down, that Austin was advised by WWE to give his opinion on the matter & to make sure to get punks name makes the air waves. And what better person to get on national TV & give his opinion on the biggest star in the business (who just left) than the once biggest star in the business (who also left at one point). that’s almost too much of a coincidence.

      Another funny note: its reported that punk was at the event, met w/ HHH/VM, didn’t like the direction & left for home. I think it’s sort of strange for punk to appear at the arena, & then decide to leave & fly back home. Because even if punk didn’t like the direction… he had to know it was going this direction.
      In summation: If punk knew the creative had been terrible, why show up & then leave? Why show up at all, avoiding the trip just to walk out, hop on a plane & go home?
      I say its a work. They had to sell that Punk was there & got in to it w/ HHH & VM & decided to leave. That makes it look like punk quit rather than phoning in your resignation. There’s nothing u can do w/ that.

      Now, the Royal Rumble… We all know Wrestling is scripted. Meaning everyone knows whats going down. Well, if punk was really upset, it would have been better if he actually left, to do it the night of the RR. That would really stick it to vince because punk would know that bautista is going to win it. So why go through w/ the rumble if u know you’re not going to headline WM?
      Once punk found out that bautista would be the winner… the writing is on the wall to walk out then. Not do the rumble match, show up at raw, & complain u don’t like the direction.

      Also… the timing…. OHHHH the timing. Just before the big network launch. Just before WM30. AND! just as all the big stars are coming back: Brock/Bautista/Sheamus all return. The rumors of legends returning – the undertaker at WM. Hulk Hogan. And last but not least…. the impending feeling that Sting has actually signed a deal w/ WWE.

      All those reasons are why punk can take some time off to rest & recuperate. Those names I just mentioned…. that should be enough to captures viewers imagination while punk is on the shelf for a while.
      Sure the WWE will have to overcome the swell of negativity ofver the punk situation… but bringing in all those big names helps lessen the blow, if only for a while.

  • Hosep

    and I hope the same thing happens on Raw.

    • Brandon Parkison

      me too

    • CLaZ

      I’d bet money on it if I could.

  • Greg Phillips

    “Wah, it’s disrespectful.” Can you imagine anybody saying that during the Attitude Era, when fans were ENCOURAGED to support/oppose whoever they wanted? The fans have every right to express their opinion, especially if it’s to send a message and not just to draw attention to themselves.

    There’s a difference between chanting “CM PUNK” and chanting “We are awesome.”

    • Anon

      What message are they sending by chanting “CM Punk”? The guy wants to leave and — at this point — it’s beyond WWE’s control. It’s not like WWE can shackle him up and force him to perform. The fans chanting for him is useless because it likely wont change the situation or Punk’s mind, and is ultimately just disrupting the show all whilst saying “Fuck You” to the guys who are actually out there performing for them.

  • stinkynuts

    thats because real punk fans know hes being screwed out of the title like d-bry… punk could carry the wwe for the next few years and d-bry could continue for the next 5 years or so…

  • Mr Fixit

    I feel for the other wrestlers but since Summer Slam WWE has been asking for this type of response.

  • James Hensley

    For those asking why it’s disrespectful, the guys in NXT are just trying to make something of themselves in the business, and certainly had nothing to do with why Punk’s unhappy. They’re not Orton, Cena, or Batista, the ones people are tired of seeing. I don’t even think CM Punk would want people doing that (though he’d probably laugh about it a little first).

  • Sir William McCormick

    Oh no, the fans spoke their mind. It’s way harder to ignore when it’s everyone chanting the same thing isn’t it?

  • WWE RaZaR

    WWE just expects that they can treat their talent like shit and have no repercussions. God forbid the fans voice their opinions and give them a reality check.

  • Raihan Khan

    plz fans dont disrespect other wrestlers, specially to the young talents on nxt, they dont want something like that

  • RVD4Life

    I’m taking my 5 year old son to the WWE house show tomorrow night in Orlando. I really hope that the show doesn’t end up like the NXT taping. If I was going with my friends, I wouldn’t care and would join in on the CM Punk chants, but this is my sons first wrestling show and want him to have a great first experience.