Backstage News On CM Punk’s WWE Status, Raw Segment Nixed, Daniel Bryan vs. Batista

CM Punk

– There are people within WWE that feel CM Punk is probably not coming back and that he’s mentally done with wrestling. We’ll have more on this tomorrow.

– It was pitched at one point to have Bad News Barrett come out and do a “bad news” segment on CM Punk at Monday night’s RAW in Chicago but it was nixed.

– Jerry Lawler said on RAW that last night’s Batista vs. Daniel Bryan match was their first time facing each other but they wrestled on RAW back in May of 2010.


  • Sir William McCormick

    The guy ran out of stamina and he left on his own terms. I think we should all respect that and let the guy go.

    • Cody Cosmos

      While l love CM Punk and his very outspoken attitude. WWE should take action for him breaching his contract, he should honor his agreement in till it expires in July. Many of superstar have worked through injuries and bad mental condition, I understand Punk wanted this for some time to take long absence. But burdening other superstars with your sudden departure is a little selfish. PS. Bad News Barrett, would have got massive heat if he was allowed that segment, would of been a push in the right direction.

      • FUTPD

        i agree that Barrett should have gone out and done his segment on Punk. It would have given him great heat for that crowd but it probably would have stopped there. Although, I dont quite agree with you on your thoughts about Punk. If the guy was completely burnt out, hes given WWE all he has and imo made them interesting over the past couple years. He decided he couldnt do it anymore and from what ive read he felt he was being disrespected. WWE should not seek legal actions. If he is done he is done. The WWE should let it slide to open up the option for him returning at sometime in the future. We should all accept that and let him take time.

        • Cody Cosmos

          I don’t mind if Punk wants time off,,just in any profession in life you have to honor your agreements. Whether being disrespected or not allowed time off, he shouldn’t just disappear. Waiting a few months after WrestleMania to the summer months isn’t that long of duration, then he could not sign a new contract and be able to enjoy himself. Not to leave during the most critical months in the WWE. While I hope he gets better, he should have toughed out the rest of his contract!

  • Yoyo

    They missed a massive opportunity not doing the Bad News segment.
    The amount of heat he would of got would of been insane.
    Side rant-
    I don’t get why heels, in the WWE, no longer do heel things? Does anyone generally hate any wrestlers on the roster, for things they’ve done while in ‘character’? I don’t. Not like it used to be. To name on, I used to absolutely hate Triple H 10 years ago, hated the guy, everything he done irritated me.
    Only thing that gets me annoyed now is the authority interrupting Bryan’s matches, and that’s not because they’re screwing him, it’s purely due to the fact I’ve seen it 100 times over and to be frank, I’m bored to death of it.
    Am I just a massive IWC nerd that over analyses the product or am I right?

    • theripperdannyb

      I’d say you’re right Fella, there is no straight heels and faces (with the exceptions of Orton and Cena). I think it’s daft. IWC or not there should still be kayfabe, otherwise what’s the point?

      As for BNB, that’s the second time they’ve missed a great chance for him, first was at the rumble and now this, almost seems as if they don’t want him to go over sometimes!

      • Mario Cardone

        and I wouldnt even say 100% on orton anymore either, with recently the things that have gone down between him and batista.

        • theripperdannyb

          I think that just comes down to the fact that both men are heels and in a program together, case of who’s the bigger devil.

      • Yoyo

        At least it’s not just me!

    • cj

      There was a story that Vince no longer wants there to be Heel & Face when it comes to the characters. Which may explain why heels get cheered more than booed because they don’t get to do actual heel things that make you hate them. I’m with you, I hated the character of HHH , the old heel Orton, even recently 2010/11 the old heel CM Punk too and alot of past heels, they did and said things that made you despise the character and they did it so well you almost hated the actual person portraying the character. Now it’s like it’s just up to us to cheer and boo whoever we feel is the good or bad guy lol. The modern day heel is like blah

  • james reynolds

    OMG The bad news barrett segment would of been amazing he would of got so much heat ! it would of been like IV GOT SOME BAD NEWS FOR YOU STUPID CHICAGO FANS – Cm punk isnt here tonight :P would of loved that

  • Luis Suarez

    The CM Punk news upsets me, as a fan, I was one of the “internet goons” that stuck up for him over the last month give or take, but I have to say last monday, he disappointed me. You know WWE had offers on the table, I’m sure they would’ve given almost anything for an appearance. Thanks Punk, but just know you left a lot of your fans salty, disagreements with the company or not, we had your back and still appreciated everything.

  • Dennis Matthew Otto Luker

    Everybody just bitchin away everywhere about how punk didn’t show up. “WWE programming has been so shitty lately?” Its been so shitty that everyone keeps on Tuning right back in every week to see what happens. As well as filling up message boards about what they wanted to see and that they didn’t get what they wanted. Myself included, or I wouldn’t understand it enough to talk about it. Punks good. I like punk. Im a fan. But if I had to make a list of the absolute greatest of all times. He’s not top 5. Right now at least. Nor would he have been if he walked his ass right down the aisle monday night and been like “Look everyone , Im here, Its me, CM Punk the best in the world”. It would of gave wrestling fans a quick pop and then if he did something different a week later, he’d just be another guy talking during a segment on Raw. But I did notice something about Raw Monday. IT was the first time I was that Glued to a Monday Night Wrestling show since The Monday Night wars. I had that similar feeling to when WWE guys were showing up on Nitro and just reminded me of a time that Wrestling was Great. Addictive! Whether I was Pleased with what I was being served or not. As far as #HIjackRaw LOL. Lets all buy tickets and chant. The only real way to hijack wwe shows would be for a city to really get together and not buy tickets, attend or buy merchandise. But It was cute Chicago, IT really was. There aren’t many people that could have been handed that audience and play it right in the palm of his hand. Paul Heyman Nailed one of the best promos right in the middle of the ring. He turned face back to heel back to face back heel all in 1 paragraph. But then left us with a desire for 2 hours still expecting punk. Ive watched my entire life. It pisses you off and satisfies and then doesn’t and kinda satisfies. Its all a roller coaster. If they just made you happy, The so called good guy wins and your favorite comes right back, the show would end and wrestling as we know it would be over. But right now as punk is viewed, he’s a face. Most like him. He’s so called “Over”. But you really wanna see him in that “Top 5” Catergory I spoke of earlier? See what happens if something along the lines of him coming out as a surprise at WM30, Costing the undertakers streak to end as he interferes and Brock wins! Well Now Punk is just the Most hated man in Pro Wrestling and You’ve just stirred the pot to create one of the greatest heels of all time. But just like every other article you’ve read, Im just throwing some bullshit speculation out there. And only punk knows. But heres a fact. You’ll either see him eventually or you won’t! Either way Keep watching and keep Bitchin!

  • bengalsmarvel

    They should have done the Barrett thing that would have gotten him some major heat! They do need to put him back in the ring though its been too long since he had a televised match

  • Jesse Reid

    Poor Barrett. They need to get that guy in the ring and build a feud with whoever has the IC or US title. He could make either of those titles relevant again with all the heat he generates.