Backstage News On Colt Cabana Possibly Working For WWE Again, Prince Devitt’s Negotiations

– Colt Cabana’s name has reportedly came up a lot within WWE lately with the idea that he could be used as a familiar face to work on the WWE Network. Colt has been at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando several times in the past month or so.

– WWE officials reportedly continue to negotiate with international star Prince Devitt. Word is that he must make a decision very soon on whether or not he will accept the contract WWE has offered. Joining WWE would be a big step for Devitt as he would be giving up his spot in New Japan Pro Wrestling and moving to the United States from his home in Ireland.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • James Humwood

    I doubt cabana will want to join what with the whole cm punk debacle

    • Jaime Arcus

      i think money may be the maker especially if the network makes a profit which i think they will, perosnal or business i think he’d do it.

    • David Garcia

      Considering Punk couldn’t use his stroke to get him a job, I think Colt will be just fine working for WWE. Friends are friends, business is business…and if WWE offers him more money, security and he’s happy with the job description, then even Punk would tell him to take it.