Backstage News On Concern Over Vince McMahon Making Changes & The WWE Network

There was a lot of fear over Vince McMahon before the WWE Business Outlook conference call on Monday morning. It’s said that Vince feels that his management team, not including George Barrios, led him to believe that they would be getting more for their TV deals. There was some concern over major changes being handed down by Vince but we haven’t heard of any departures yet. It was noted that if Vince isn’t happy, things are going to happen quickly.

People within WWE were actually joking last Friday that maybe these financial troubles will mean that the WWE Network goes away quickly but that is highly unlikely to happen.

However, there is still a feeling that the Network isn’t producing subscribers as quickly as Vince would want.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Bryan

    Well there are millions of fans unsatisfied with the product.

    • RVD4Life

      I don’t know why? It’s every wrestling fans dream. Once it gets released internationally the sales will make it a success..

      • Bryan

        But wouldn’t you agree that even though it’s not international yet, that there must be something wrong, if it’s not successful in america alone? Even netflix is successful in america minus the rest of the world. At the same time, alot of people share their wwe network accounts with friends. I share mine with about 9 people?

    • codys moustache


  • chris

    Ok besides the pay per view catalog what else is good about it? They don’t have much else and for the library that they have they run a lot of those shows over and over again it doesn’t make sense. I mean if they thought the sticking points would be seeing pay per views for free would do the job. They were wrong

    • Rcloyd83

      They need to add more from the Monday night wars and attitude era. More round table discussions with the old timers. I love to listen to dusty and michael hayes talk about the old days. And yes get rid of cena and let ambrose become a star. Best guy on a mic since stone cold or the rock in my opinion.

  • wwefan

    I personally love the network. I’d pay 15 a month. People need to stop complaining. All pppvs past and present and yea would I like to have more episodes of raw and smack down but dude its 10 bucks

  • codys moustache

    Todays product needs some great talkers, guys with the cool factor. Looking cool is one thing (roman reigns) wrestling cool is another( Daniel bryan) talking cool is the ultimate selling point coupled with the look and in ring style. Right now I can’t think of 5 top talkers. Ambrose is the best by far, followed by bray wyatt. For those who still love cena he is in the uncool category and is coincidently dragging the entire industry down with him. In fact he is the reason wrestling is where it is today. Adam rose is a bad idea although Leo Kruger is a great worker.
    Wwe relying on cena has been their current problem. He needs to fuck off. Seriously. Ambrose is absolutely the best thing wwe has. Along with bray wyatt. I honestly can’t think of anyone else.

    • Bryan

      I absolutely agree. But people like to look at us like we’re wrong for thinking like this.

      • codys moustache

        Those same people probably bought the network and love John cena, but I have no doubt our view point is the majority of true wrestling fans hence the low network numbers