Backstage News On Curtis Axel Getting Injured, Big E Responds To HIAC Match Being Pulled

– Regarding Axel’s injury, word is that he was injured on Monday’s RAW. Apparently Axel blew out both of his hips in what’s being called a “freak accident.”

– Here is Big E Langston’s response after WWE broke news that his Intercontinental Title shot was pulled from Hell In a Cell due to Curtis Axel’s injury:

  • bgilman45

    Both hips “blown out?” What does that mean? Dislocations? Tendons? Whatever it is, that sounds serious. Might be an opening for the WWE to run a IC title tournament.

    • John Janecek

      Curtis Axel is going to start doing infomercials for ObamaCare!

  • justaguy92122

    strip the title from him , put it on Punk, then let Punk beat the hell out of Cena and win the Hvwght Championship

    • Alex

      Idiot, Axel isnt the world champ,hes only the IC Champ

  • bengalsmarvel

    Its a bummer if its too bad he was finally actually getting used in WWE after all his time there