Backstage News On Daniel Bryan & His Diving Headbutt, Wrestling Belt Maker Profiled (Video)

– We noted before that there was talk that Daniel Bryan should tone down his in-ring style as his recent neck surgery could be the first of many long-term problems. One of the moves recommended for him to drop is the diving headbutt.

Regarding the headbutt, Chris Benoit, who had a more serious neck surgery, was advised to give up the move but he continued to perform it and said that when he could no longer do it, that’s when he would probably want to retire. WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race used a similar version of the move regularly but has recommended that people not to it because the unnatural way of landing is brutal on the neck.

– Wrestling belt maker Dave Millican, who has made titles for WWE and numerous wrestling/MMA promotions, was recently profiled by CNN Money:

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)