Backstage News On Daniel Bryan, Kevin Nash Praises Royal Rumble Star, Ben Roethlisberger

– Despite everything that went down, or didn’t go down, at the Royal Rumble Sunday night, WWE is still planning on pushing Daniel Bryan in a big way, reports.

– WWE’s website has posted several reactions from Superstars after Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Paul Heyman told Tom Phillips that Brock Lesnar would continue to conquer WWE. Kevin Nash also spoke to Phillips and said Roman Reigns is a future world champion. Nash said he didn’t last long but it was a good night.

– Stephanie McMahon tweeted a photo of Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels backstage at the Royal Rumble Sunday night:

  • James Humwood

    Oh they are pushing him alright losing to bray and being excluded from the rumble if they think him vs sheamus is a push then they are even dumber than I thought

  • bgilman45

    Shawn Michaels NOT in the rumble.
    Undertaker NOT in the Rumble
    Titus O’Neil NOT in the rumble.
    Ric Flair NOT in the Rumble.
    Triple H NOT in the Rumble.
    Daniel Bryan NOT in the rumble.
    Ben Roesthlisberger NOT in the rumble.

    El Torito in the rumble. AREYOU KIDDING ME????????????????????

    • Brandon

      El Torito had a bigger impact on the match than Rey Mysterio, JBL, and RTruth…

      • David Garcia

        Maybe I’m going too far, but I think I’m going to use El Torito as my new benchmark. If people couldn’t see the fun of his bit in the match, then they’re taking wrestling way too seriously and are missing out on a lot of entertainment and fun. Hell, his spots were executed to perfection and he didn’t “hurt” anybody’s character or “bury” them. It was just fun.

        • Trainwreck

          It didn’t hurt anyone’s character? tell that to Fandango. Soon as I saw him get out my a dwarf I knew it was over for him.

          • David Garcia

            All due respect but you’re overreacting. Fandango is not any better or worse off than he was before the show. He was a silly midcard act before and he’s still one today.

            If anything he’s given fodder for the fans that hate him to goof on him for being made a fool of. This isn’t a shoot and it’s just entertainment.

        • bgilman45

          sorry i dont watch wrestling for the funny comic relief…. i hate the sillyness.
          I watch it for the soap opera drama and the excitement and athleticism.
          The unpredictability and surprises.
          El Torito should go the way of the Gobbeldy gooker.

          • David Garcia

            Then I don’t think wrestling is ever going to satisfy you. I like seriousness too, but wrestling has had comedy since it stopped being a shoot and I’m not going to get upset or overreact when wrestling delivers on it’s roots in a fun way.

          • Cody McKrell

            Youre right. El torito wasnt unpredictable or surprising at all. Certainly wasnt hilarious nor was the punk forehead spot. Youre 100% dead on. Fandango is now ruined as a terrible dancing character that cant dance ans the crod will never be able to enjoy his theme music again…F U FOR BURYING EVERYBODY TRIPLE H!

            What happened to people like you?

        • Cody McKrell

          You need to post things like this louder and more frequently. I feel so alone out here…

        • granddaddybob

          Exactly…I am 57 been watching wrestling since I was 9 and have always called it championship acting. I know someone who was trained by
          Killer Kowalski and he said…yes..scripted…but you have to learn how to take a hit so it won’t hurt so much…why do you think it is called sports ENTERTAINMENT

      • bgilman45

        and how sad was that

  • Bryan Thomas

    Guess he’s facing taker

    • Trainwreck

      After losing to Rookie Bray Wyatt, clean? No way
      Brock V Undertaker is a lock

      • Yusei Asakura

        Idk I think Taker would take Bryan over Brock. Personally I’d have Bryan end the streak just to piss off batista even if he’s getting the main event

        • Trainwreck

          Undertaker has alreadt said (I think) he wants Bryan – but Brock V Undertaker is already a lock for Mania.

  • mike

    I think they should have Bryan win the elimination chamber and have him vs heel Batista at wm30

  • That Guy

    The only thing I can think of story wise that might make up for it is Bryan coming down to the ring tonight, talking about how he was excluded. Wyatts (I know they attacked Cena, but still) come in and start attacking Bryan. Lights go out, come back on and Taker fends off the Wyatts saying something about Bryan being his opponent and thus off limits till after Wrestlemania.

    I’d be ok with Bryan v Taker, even though I know he’d lose, he’d still put on a great match and be in one of the big matches at Mania.

  • Jason

    Bray Wyatt is like Roman Reigns, These 2 are break out stars who are going to get a massive push. and My opinion Daniel Bryan could of done great as a Wyatt Member but he is so into crowd reactions these days its going to be his downfall. and Now that the titles are Unified don’t expect him to reach that championship level like some talent used too. The only chance he has just like the other mid carders is to win a rumble or a money in the back(again) But my opinion is that a crowd reaction doesnt necessarily win championships. so it doesnt matter how over you are.