Backstage News On Daniel Bryan & SummerSlam, WWE’s Plans For Cruiserweights, More

– While Daniel Bryan isn’t being fully blamed for the low WWE SummerSlam buyrate this year, there is a feeling within WWE, among upper management, that if he was a bigger guy then it would have been up.

– While he isn’t being used on WWE TV right now, Ricardo Rodriguez is headed to the UK for next week’s tapings. Vickie Guerrero isn’t working this weekend’s live events but is flying into the UK for next week’s TV tapings.

– WWE still has plans to use some of their smaller wrestlers on a cruiserweight type show when the WWE Network launches.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • charovnica

    This is not a serious statement.

  • Lilith

    Idiots. It’s because the writing is terrible. DBD is probably the only person keeping people watching anymore.

    • charovnica

      …and Corporate Kane too!

  • Infinitysz

    first news piece is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. purposely wrote to get the “marks” to bite.

  • Noel Lackey

    Buyrates are low these days because people know they can see it for free the next day. Simple as that. Also the fact that is predictable and one more reason is that it should have been Punk Vs The Authority. Rebel Vs Authority is always best.

  • Jon

    What ?!?! No nobody watched because randy Orton is fucking terrible !!!! DB IS A+

  • Leroy

    A blind person could see how the story was going, that’s why it was down. Awful, Awful and Awful writing. WWE should push Daniel instead of Orton that would be something different

    • MWS

      I don’t see them pushing Orton, as he is one wellness policy violation from being terminated.

  • Jim Foreman

    Maybe if WWE actually got behind contenders to Orton and Cena instead of always making them look inferior, people would actually care. I had high hopes when Bryan beat Cena and then Orton fairly at consecutive PPVs but it became clear that Orton was going to win the feud and they had weeks of the same stuff before Big Show was suddenly built into the new contender. Look at Del Rio – had he beaten Cena in a fair match and then defended the title, it would seem like he has a chance. Instead expect him to lose again and wander around the midcard until next year when Cena drops the WHC and he is called upon to hold it again until they find someone new.

  • The YinYang

    Honestly the only reason I bought SS was because of the D Bryan/Cena. And by buying it, I saw one of the best PPV’s WWE has put on in years! Clearly they didn’t market it well because it was 5 stars.

  • Robatusun

    In my view cena ve Bryan was wrestle mania main event. They rushed it because cena was going to be out. The real money was in Bryan winning the rumble and finally beating cena at mania.