Backstage News On Daniel Bryan’s “Occupy Raw” Segment, Big Change For Andre Battle Royal?

– The “Occupy RAW” angle with Daniel Bryan last week was done to troll the fans who claimed they were hijacking RAW in Chicago the week before. Some of Stephanie McMahon’s lines in the segment about disrespecting her family and how she owns Bryan were said to be more or less how she feels about CM Punk right now.

– It’s said that the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal for WrestleMania XXX may end up on the pre-show, which seems like a waste for a match that was announced by Hulk Hogan and features several top WWE Superstars.


  • Andrew Jobling

    What a petty, petty move by WWE, they hate the fact that fans are sick of their crap and their constant shoving of HHH’s buddies down our throats. Running a business is about turning a profit by satisfying your consumers, not mocking them because they don’t like your product because you’re constantly making your buddies look good.

    • Rodrigo Medeiros

      Couldn’t control myself from reading that “pretty, pretty” on Daniel Bryan’s voice (remember his segments with Randy Orton?).

    • Padma Sana

      With that in mind, there’s nothing really going for the WWE right now.
      Not one of the matches carded for Wmania is even a little interesting. Usos are pretty boring as faces, Taker vs Lesnar is having a pretty lame buildup, Batista vs Orton is gonna be worse than Santino vs Eugene. Bryan vs. HHH is gonna be ok, but that’s it….

  • Yoyo

    Wait… Stephanie feels like she owns CM Punk? pahahahahaha

  • Sir William McCormick

    I’ve gone back and forth on the Punk thing, but I know for sure that no one owns Punk. I think him walking out on his own terms while under contract shows that you don’t own him. He’d rather sit on his couch instead of dealing with the BS.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Cm punk is the greatest lol. All kayfabe aside, anyone who has the fortitude to take a stand against this type of crap, can make a fan out of me anyday. I also think fans should stop hating him for walking out. Although he left us without closure, we have no say in him looking out for his own well being. Call him selfish all you want. He did what he felt he needed to do. Just respect the man.

    • Bryan Thomas

      P.S. another subject, didn’t the shield debut and take out ryback because he was being forced down our throats? What about them handing roman reigns what they have handed him. Isn’t that not the same type of injustice?

  • Monty605

    I just love how fans think by “hijacking” shows and trolling HHH/Steph/Vince et al on social media, that they’ve somehow had an effect on how things are being planned for WM30. Has anyone else thought maybe this has been the plan ALL ALONG since WM29 and everything that’s been done has been done to elicit the EXACT reaction that people are giving? They don’t just do things at the last minute. They (WWE) are the masters at long storylines and story telling.

    • Mario Cardone

      If you really believe WWE has plans, you have serious faith in that company. They are constantly winging it

  • joshoct1884

    if the andre battle royal is pre show F*CK wrestlemania

  • theripperdannyb

    Personally I have stopped caring about the Punk situation, but they obviously havent!

    As for Bryan in the main event, I feel it was happening anyways, all that BS in and around the rumble made me believe that, but there is no denying they had to change the plans because of Punk, i just personally believe the whole schtick about Bryan facing Sheamus was nonsense.

  • Mario Cardone

    I don’t know if I believe that, but lets say its true. Fans care about wrestling, care about the product WWE offers, and then thats how they respond? But really is anyone surprised? Like punk said back in 2011, thats the problem Vince, you don’t care, and my problem is I care too much. Vince doesn’t know what makes a superstar in 2011. Also like he said, this company is gonna continue to make money no matter what, the only way that will change is if enough fans everywhere actually took a stand to fix it. Wrestling has clearly been awful for a long long time but with a few good moments here or there, but in the end it comes down to, even if vince dies it still won’t change because of who will take it over. I am honestly not even trying to quote punk anymore, its just all truthful stuff he said.

  • FlawlessRKO

    Stephanie McMahon is nothing but an IDIOTIC DAUGHTER who doesn’t know the first thing about professional wrestling.