Backstage News On Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Plans, NXT Diva Gets New Ring Name, Jim Ross

– WWE officials are discussing the idea of putting Daniel Bryan into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match with Batista and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX, making it a triple threat, confirms. Bryan vs. Triple H in a singles match is also still on the table. As noted, WWE officials are holding off on making any big decisions, at least until Elimination Chamber is over.

– WWE NXT Diva Sarah Backman has been given her new NXT ring name – Shara. She can now be found on Twitter at @SharaWWE. Backman is WWE’s first Swedish female wrestler and a former world arm wrestling champion.

– Jim Ross and The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer recently appeared on Sherdog Radio to discuss MMA. You can download the show at this link.

  • trevwinters

    two daniel bryan’s in a match, hmmm, when was he cloned??

    • Liam

      Imagine how good the match would be if there were two Bryans though

  • Infinitysz

    How could they be holding off on any big decisions until the Chamber is over? The results of the chamber are what sets up Mania. False report.

    • James Humwood

      Not nessessarily they could have Bryan be screwed again and Orton retain and then have Bryan somehow win a match where there’s a stipulation where the winner gets in or something

  • James Humwood

    Hmm actually I wouldn’t mind ethier match sure I would love for Bryan to be in the title match and win but I wouldn’t mind the HHH match cause it makes sense storyline wise but only if Bryan goes over

  • Raihan Khan

    where r daniel bryan fans? cant wait to see yes chants

  • Tremor_Fang

    So it’s either Bryan most likely losing (because Batista probably got a guaranteed title win at Wrestlemania in his contract) or possibly win over HHH but not have a belt?

    I’d probably choose HHH to be honest, if just because he’d be more likely to get a win.