Backstage News On How Long Batista Will Be Back For, His Return On January 20th & More

As reported, Batista will be returning to WWE on January 20th at RAW and will be around through WrestleMania XXX.

The idea is that this is not a one-time WrestleMania deal, but rather a “last run” for Batista that could go as long as two years. Through his new deal, he’s expected to take at least some time off this summer to promote Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Regarding his return on the January 20th RAW, he will not be wrestling that night. His first match back won’t be until the Royal Rumble 30-man main event.


  • bryan

    This is bad for business when you dedicated this year to the new guys.

  • Kyle

    Who?…..he’s back because they need big guys, and he’s back cuz Marvel/Disney want him to promote like a beast