Backstage News On How WWE Is Booking Baron Corbin

It appears that WWE may be protecting Baron Corbin.

At this weekend WWE Live Events, Corbin worked the main event matches in a three-way against John Cena and AJ Styles. What’s interesting about these matches is that the finish of those matches concluded with Cena getting the pinfall victory over Styles. Traditionally in most-cases, the lower level Superstar normally takes the pin in a match of this caliber, however the company appears as if they are protecting Corbin.

We heard a couple week back that Corbin was rumored to receive a big push on the SmackDown brand this year. This could be an indication that the push could be starting very soon.

  • Emanuel Pugh

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    • Steven Esia Kerkau

      Because ya know owens looks SOOOOOOOO fANTASTIC

      • Richard Martinez

        He is! Thank God For KO! Fuck Reigns!

    • Richard Martinez

      Lol you said rape.

      • Emanuel Pugh

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  • Darren Zancan

    It’s a house show. It really doesn’t matter who takes the pinfall.

  • tak161

    Wait a minute, they’re running Triple Threat main event matches involving the WWE Champion, and the champ is taking the pins? Are they not doing title matches on this tour? Why would Styles get pinned?