Backstage News On If The Hardys Will Leave Impact Wrestling, Drew Galloway – TNA Update

We previously reported that the Impact Wrestling contracts of Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway is set to expire next month. It’s being said that as of this writing, none of them have re-signed with the company.

Even with WWE officials being interested in bringing the Hardys back to the company, Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline says that “things are looking good for them to stay” with Impact Wrestling. If the Hardys to decide to stay with the promotion, they have two options. One option is a guaranteed deal that would give them full control of their outside bookings and another guaranteed deal where Impact Wrestling would have to approve their outside bookings. The first option would be a lower money offer, while the second would be significantly higher.

Matt is leaning towards signing a new deal with Impact, while Jeff hasn’t come to terms on the number of dates per year since Impact plans to run a more regular house show schedule.

  • Matt K

    Well they’ll probably stay but I guess Dave Meltzer knows all so it has to be true

  • Boss

    If Jeff is worried about touring in TNA he ain’t gonna wanna go back to WWE unless he gets the Brock Lesnar treatment.

  • TNA Hater

    They should go back to WWE they’ve done enough with TNA

    • JustusX

      Do you seriously think that the Hardys will go back to WWE after seeing what they’ve done to the Club and the Dudleys? You’re smoking some terrible weed dude.

      • Has Legs

        Or amazing weed!

      • TNA Hater

        You were saying

        • JustusX

          I’m sorry, have the Hardys signed a WWE contract?

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    Wwe has enough tna stars as is. Wwe needs to build up the people they already have.