Backstage News On John Cena Possibly Winning The WWE Title, JBL & Cole Show, WWE Stock

– Regarding John Cena possibly winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Sunday, the plan as of over a week ago was for Cena to win the title but word today is that the plan may be changed after the SummerSlam poster leaked earlier this week. Apparently even if the finish is switched on Sunday and Cena doesn’t win the title just yet, the plan is still for Brock Lesnar vs. champion Cena to headline SummerSlam.

– A trap is set to catch the infamous bunny in the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show:

– WWE stock was up 0.26% today, closing at $11.59 per share. Today’s high was $11.64 and the low was $11.37.


  • FlawlessRKO

    I don’t care what this website says, John Cena is winning his 15th world title in Boston and that’s that.

  • randy orton

    Cena sucks monkey balls

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    No No No I hope Cena does not win dammit ! Roman Reigns needs to win

  • Dave Macleod

    The sad but true fact is that we will most likely see the WWE hit their championship reset button by giving Cena the belts in his home state this Sunday. Personally I’d like to see the titles on Cesaro, but after the Summerslam leak, we’re all just going to have to deal with the fact that Cena will leave Money in the Bank a 15 time champion.

  • Necro

    At that point just give it to fucking Cena, I don’t want ANY of the guys in the match to lose to Cena for the titles after just a short period of time.

  • Jesse Bognanno

    so if cena doesnt win mitb then at summerslam its brock vs the champion… but cena still headlines summerslam??? get the fuck out of here!!!

  • Rico

    I now foresee either Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt definitely winning. Orton could win the titles with some help from Kane, which they could also screw Cena over, which would lead to Orton becoming the “face” of the company again. Next is a Cena/Orton/Kane feud where Cena will beat Orton for the titles at Battleground. Wyatt could also have a one month run with the titles, which I wouldn’t really mind since it is well deserved at this point. Of course, this would continue the Cena/Wyatt rivarly ultimately ending with Cena beating Wyatt AGAIN!!! ugh

  • Cena’s Cargo Shorts

    I don’t see the wisdom in giving it to Reigns or Wyatt just yet. Reigns is missing way too many elements to thrive in that spot. Don’t let him be given that high pressure spot when he’s green as hell and end up like Swagger, Miz, or Ziggler. Bray Wyatt has been awesome, but how much is too much too soon? You know what you’re getting with Cena and you can use him to help make some younger heels along. If the big plan is to have someone act as placeholder until Daniel Bryan is back, better to give it to Cena since it’s likely going to be a short term thing.

    If they want to give Reigns or Wyatt a run, build them up, give them as much experience as possible. Do it down the road where you’re leading the fans to expect the big moment that Daniel Bryan’s year built up to.