Backstage News On John Laurinaitis, Del Rio’s WWE Future, JBL

– The real-life power base of John Laurinaitis within WWE continues to weaken. Triple H now has his hires running just about every aspect of WWE’s talent relations department. Laurinaitis is still doing WWE’s payroll but is considered to be a performer mostly. The feeling is that he will return to WWE TV this year as a main character.

– While Alberto Del Rio has said publicly that he’s only going to wrestle for a few more years, there are people who believe he won’t be long-term for WWE. Del Rio has some leverage right now because WWE wants a top Hispanic star and Rey Mysterio isn’t looked at as a long-term talent and some of Sin Cara’s recent bookings show where he’s at in the company.

– JBL has began reviewing WWE’s RAW Supershow on his YouTube account. Here is his first review for this week’s show: