Backstage News On JoJo’s WWE Status, John Cena Helping Vickie Guerrero Lose Weight, Y2J Update

– Regarding JoJo’s current status with WWE, she is still signed to a deal and still training at the Performance Center in Orlando. Word is that she has been downplayed in favor of Eva Marie because WWE officials feel Eva is really shining as a star.

Hot Photos Of Total Diva Jo Jo Offerman Looking Sexy In Her First Official WWE Shoot

– Chris Jericho has launched a Google+ page at this link.

– Vickie Guerrero noted on Twitter that she’s on week 3 of John Cena’s 10-week BodyChange program and has lost 8.5 lbs plus some inches off her waist. We noted before that Vickie was going back to college while she’s on the road with WWE. She noted back in late December that she received straight A’s in her first semester.

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • charovnica

    Phahahahha! Eva is shining? Don’t they hear the pops Jojo is getting everytime she shows up…she got her name chanted.

  • Costin Ramniceanu

    Eva Maria shining as a star? WTF are they on? Does the WWE not see how bad her matches are?

  • Apex predator

    Eva shining?? The oy thing shining about her is her body. She certainly can’t wrestle or act worth a shit

  • Jay Ciaravino

    There is no explanation for the stupidity that has been pouring out of the WWE. Eva Marie is HORRIBLE!!!!!!

  • MWS

    Eva can’t wrestle, hasn’t had hardly any training, can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag, and on top of that, she is as dumb as a box of rocks! How is she a shining star?!

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    She has heel potential,I’ll say that much.


    I think that WWE should put JOJO in the spotlight just like Eva Marie.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Lol the idiots in wwe. Same people who plan to push reigns, who is in fact not great

    • Michael Scott

      That’s what she said.

  • Tristan Irby

    Eva Marie a shining star. Wow! are they serious If shes a shining star, then Sin Cara must be really shining too, cause they aint nothing shining bout Eva right now. So far she messed up dance wit Fandango. She couldn’t remember Jinder Mahals name. Her roll up on Tamina was sloppy. She barely gets anything when they show her training on Total Diva. And she claims she grew up watching wrestling. Couldve fooled me. She draw too much heat. I say Eva Marie lots if shes gonna be one greats in the WWE. If she cant make there, than maye TNA will take her. If not, she be better off being a pornstar lol. I believe when I seen Total Divas a little girl actually looks up to her. Damn! I feel bad for that little girl who idolizes her. Its sad to see ur hero lose a lot. I see more potential JoJo than I do in Eva

  • Jamie

    Eva Marie is shining cause she probably blew most of the people in the company >_>

  • cj

    I’m not a fan of either JoJo or Eva Marie because I hate the way WWE favors Total Diva’s over other Diva’s, but I’ll say Jojo has way more potential than Eva. Eva tries to too hard to play up to this villian role she thinks she has. You’re not a villain, people boo you because they don’t like you, and know you suck, acting and wrestling wise. Jojo impressed me at Survivor Series in her small showdown with Tamina. The crowd even chanted her name and her acting was good. There is room for improvement and Eva may get DECENT over time but as of right now Jojo has more to offer. They’re trying to force Eva Marie and just like always she was horrible this past Monday on RAW

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero I lost more than 30 pounds close to 40 pounds on my own by myself. Through eating right going to the gym doing a lot of cardio and weight lifting and walking outside and indoors and un like you I did it by myself. a diet with out a lot of exercise is a nonsense because in order to lose weight you have to do a lot of exercise and a lot of walking and cardio of any kind. John Cena does not know what he is talking about he is not a fitness expert or a personal trainer
    but credit to him for trying to help people out

  • shorty

    That is nice that John Cena is helping Vickie Guerrero lose weight
    as Vickie Guerrero looked like she gained back a lot of weight
    But then Vickie Guerrero has to rely on her self to lose weight and not on John Cena

  • shrimp

    if Vickie Guerrero focused more on staying health and being on a diet
    instead of focusing more on college she would have not gained so much weight and needed john cenas help to lose weight but then most people don’t go to college much guess everyone cant do everything at once but health comes first