Backstage News On Kaitlyn’s WWE Departure

As reported, Kaitlyn is done with WWE as of today. The reason she left was there were a lot of storylines involving her that she was wanting or expecting that never came to fruition, and she essentially was just over it, reports.

Photo: Kaitlyn Faces AJ Lee In Her Last Match At WWE Main Event Tapings

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I can’t believe that she’s gone. :/

  • Shaniyah Jackson

    i going to miss person that i look up to every week. she throught me how to stand up for myself. she will all aways be the best divas role modle

  • Tommygunnz Gunnz

    so basically wwe was pussy footing around and she was like fuck it im gone this shit is taken too long and she was probaly gonna be divas champ again but couldnt wait this girl is impatient

    • bryan

      She doesn’t need wwe anymore anyway. Why stay in a business that could be richer than it is only if they had more of a clue about the fans? When she can become a TV personality or something and shit upon the money she was making in wwe while they insist to shine the light on talentless twins who fucked the right people to get where they are?

      • Bryan Thomas

        Lmao right

        • soldiermedic

          Good riddens. Crybaby, just like so called fans who criticism a company they couldn’t run

          • Bryan Thomas

            I’m pretty sure people have the right to criticize something that’s designed to entertain them

  • xFoxylicious

    I just… can’t. I’m completely devastated…

  • HC Duran

    Good call on her part. The one-way treatment of talent regarding “passion” by WWE is notorious. They expect performers to have endless “passion” for the business and contribute good angles to the company, but the company reserves the right to shoot all their ideas down as a cold matter of business, and maintain no continuity for the story ideas they were using. The “creative budget” for the division appears to be limited to consistently developing storylines for only about 2 Divas at a time, otherwise you are expected to hover in limbo, or routinely job.

    The one useful thing about being called up from a modeling agency, is that the model didn’t claw their way to WWE, thus have less emotional investment in staying. Kaityn is the immediate past champ, yet had NO follow-up storyline, and no satisfactory wrap up to her feud with AJ, for seven months! She realized (like Kelly Kelly and others before her) she had a modeling career she could return to, and left. This isn’t the only case of this syndrome, it’s the latest case. I won’t be surprised if others follow, especially after WM30.

  • Tommygunnz Gunnz

    you’re right bryan she could do more probaly do tv show appearnces probaly get into voiceover roles do movies work on the independent scene wwe was only focused on total divas and aj lee i dont blame her for living but her damn fiance played a roll in it also because of his jealousy he didnt want her around big e langston being how she was his travel partner and they did ig vids together

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    She was my favorite diva to watch. She was my favorite champion. She was my all-time favorite women’s wrestler. She was also the diva that made off with my heart.
    Thanks for everything K8LYN.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    WHY TOTAL DIVAS?!!!! WHY?!!!!