Backstage News On Kurt Angle Trying To Pitch Return Deal To WWE Officials

Current TNA star Kurt Angle is reportedly trying to pitch a deal to WWE officials that would see him return to the company on a schedule similar to the one that Shawn Michaels worked in his final years with the company. Angle would work the bigger shows and limited dates.

WWE reportedly has not shown much interest in having Angle return as an in-ring performer. Vince McMahon has been extremely negative on the idea of bringing Angle back in the past.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • no

    Good lord vince.

  • Adnan

    The guy is still better than most of the people on the roster, and by the sounds of it he is willing to work every PPV, so why not bring him in, he will have amazing matches with the likes of Bryan, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt etc.

    • VARiiATION

      Angle and Cesaro is like a dream come true (along with Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy). That match would just be incredible!

      • Guest

        Daniel and Kurt would make more sense, cesaro and angle sure, but def not daniel and jeff, they have nothing in common.

        • VARiiATION

          Sometimes opposites attract in the ring though. Cena and Punk had great matches. Yeah, say what you want about Cena’s wrestling abilities, but every match they had was worth watching start to finish, but their styles are very different!

  • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

    Angle is good, but he’s a huge problem that WWE may not want to risk. He left, refusing to go to rehab, joined another company…..and then WWE had to pick up his rehab bill anyway, with none of the benefit. While i’m sure a deal can be worked out, Angle has a cheek in telling them when he wants to work. WWE would not be using him full time anyway at his age and with his past, and they might feel him rather a big risk to put on their big PPVs. A legends deal would be better for both sides….they can talk about a talent deal when he passes a few drug tests and gets through the rest of a medical.

  • cj

    HHH gets a lot of hate for things but one thing he is good at is negotiating and getting guys back on the roster whether part time or not. Batista, RVD, Lesnar , Jericho etc. HHH did that. If it was left up to HHH solely , angle would be back . But if Vince still says no then :(

  • Jesse Reid

    I can see it now… Kurt Angle vs. Rusev

  • Mario Cardone

    Besides Punk coming back, this is the 2nd best person WWE could hope for. Which as of right now he is the best person they could sign again, for the love of god do it.

  • Necro

    Vince for fucks sake

  • vincent

    ive always wanted Kurt back, but wonder is he considering coming back cuz tna in trouble or something? if i had final decision on this id be sorta ticked he didnt consider coming back sooner

  • Aston

    Vince is a retard