Backstage News On Legends At RAW 1000, Brie Bella, Zack Ryder

– Former WWE Diva Brie Bella, who dates Daniel Bryan in real life, wrote the following on Twitter last night after the announcement of Bryan and AJ Lee’s wedding next week:

“Maybe Nicole & I should crash AJ & Bryan’s wedding… But wait… He is in my bed every night :o haha Bri xxoo #RAW #WWE” has photos of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella together, kissing and having fun which you can view this link or by checking out our backstage specials.

– There is talk of having some of the Legends wrestle a multi-man match on next week’s 1,000th episode of RAW. There is expected to be some sort of pay-off angle to Heath Slater’s recent run-ins with the WWE Legends.

– The band Downstait recently recorded a cover of Zack Ryder’s “Radio” theme song. Downstait previously recorded WWE theme songs for The Miz, Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, among others. You can listen below: