Backstage News On Naomi vs. Paige At WWE MITB, Announcers Told To Ignore Mick Foley?

– Cameron may be getting involved in the Naomi vs. Paige Divas Title Match at Money In the Bank to further her break-up angle with Naomi.

– reported how Mick Foley pointed out that WWE announcers wouldn’t acknowledge him when Bad News Barrett does the elbow drop off the apron.

The feeling after this week’s RAW was that it was clear the announcers are given the directive not to mention Foley’s name.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Bobby Calloway

    “Cameron may be getting involved”
    Well the award for stating the obvious goes to…

    • Darrian Martinez

      My reaction as well every body new she was going to get involved

  • Aaron W.

    Why would they mention Foley? All he does is bash the company (rightly or wrongly), so why should they do him any favors?

  • TheJakeWaller

    he’s probably getting paid to “bash” the company … he doesnt say much out of line tbh, and all it does is give the company more attention, so who’s really going to upset about that?

  • CMP

    I respect everything Foley has done in prowrestling and to his friggen body…but like many old wrestlers using social media they LOVE attention and seem to go to any length to get it.

  • Billion Dollar Princess

    If Cameron interferes Naomi is going to best the crap out of her.