Backstage News On Nikki Bella Turning Heel, Acting Coach At WWE NXT, Brie vs. Stephanie

WWE recently brought well-known acting coach Howard Fine in to work with the NXT talents in Orlando. Fine was once named Best Acting Teacher in Los Angeles.

He’s worked with wrestlers such as Steve Austin, The Rock, Mohammed Hassan, Diamond Dallas Page and Stacy Keibler. Other famous clients include Rosanna Arquette, Amanda Byrnes, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Connelly, Mike Tyson, Sasha Cohen, Lou Ferrigno, Carl Lewis, Michelle Kwan, Val Kilmer, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Tara Reid, Brooke Shields, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Julia Roberts, Diana Ross, Ray Parker Jr., Justin Timberlake, Linda Gray, Darryl Hannah, Vanessa Hudgens and Salma Hayek.

– We noted before that there had been some talk about turning Nikki Bell heel. If they go through with it, the idea would be that Nikki turning on her sister Brie Bella is the culmination of the current feud with Stephanie McMahon. Brie vs. Stephanie will still likely be taking place at SummerSlam.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Bad News CJ

    If they don’t do AJ vs Stephanie at WrestleMania, Brie vs Stephanie will be a waste. In fact, it would help AJ’s current face run to help out Brie should things get too strange in that SS match.

    • CMP

      AJ’s feuding with Paige. What does AJ even have to do with the authority storyline that she’d want to fight Stephanie? And don’t say “CM Punk” because they’re not mentioning that dude if their business depended on it.

      • Jam

        They need to stop chanting for CM Punk whenever AJ is out there, period.

      • Bad News CJ

        mainly, from my point of view, AJ deserves the shine from working with Stephanie McMahon. CM Punk doesn’t even need to be involved, because after all it would just be a big work anyway. AJ clearly is more talented and should be pushed much further than either Bella twin ever should be.

  • CMP

    If Nikki goes heel, two nipples will be revealed….

  • Paul Petit-Frere

    Brie vs. Stephanie at Summerslam will be interesting along with Nikki’s heel turn