Backstage News On Officials Talking To WWE Talents About WWE Network & PPV Bonuses

One of the bigger potential stories coming out of the WWE Network launch and one of the reported reasons that CM Punk quit WWE was how talents would be paid for pay-per-view bonuses with those events now airing on the Network.

Word came out last week that nothing has been said to talents yet about the Network and their pay. It was noted that we are four months out from the Network launch and no one truly knows what the situation is.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • jmull

    And now they’re really swimmin in the shit since the cable companies are not carrying WWE PPV anymore.

    • chris

      Umm there not carrying them because the WWE doesn’t want them to..they want people to sign up for the Network

      • jmull

        No, the networks are dropping WWE PPV because the WWE Network has taken enough sales from them to not make it worth it. But WWE is losing money in this process. If WWE didn’t want their PPVs to be carried, they would just not sale them.

        • Hakeem

          You know this hurts the cable companies more right than it does with wwe right?

          • jmull

            Right, so they choose to do something that hurts their business?

          • ksedude

            WWE’s decisions and execution of those decisions lately have them bleeding money it seems. It’s sad really.

      • ksedude

        That’s not true. VInce himself told investors that he wasn’t worried about cable companies dropping WWE PPV’s (which would cause WWE to lose revenue, network or not) because it’s very lucrative for both WWE and the cable companies. Several companies then proceeded to do exactly that, dropping WWE PPV’s completely.