Backstage News On Plans For Batista, Steve Austin On Daniel Bryan & Tag Belts, The Rock

– WWE is planning on turning Batista heel some time after WrestleMania XXX.

– Steve Austin had some interesting comments about Daniel Bryan and the WWE Tag Team Titles during last night’s RAW:

– The Rock noted on Twitter that he recently started writing his second autobiography.

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  • James Humwood

    Might aswell turn him now wwe because going forward and at wrestlemanoa he will be booed badly

    • Mario Cardone

      agreed, and with the other page reading daniel vs sheamus? are you serious? I’m not saying thatll be bad, but I don’t think that is a match for right now. It makes 0 sense to this whole “machine” story line, that is supposedly “planned”

  • Travc815

    Pretty sure the rumble crowd did that for them already.