Backstage News On Plans For Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, Possible WWE Hell In A Cell Match

– Another match scheduled for Hell In a Cell is Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton. As of this week, the Bryan vs. Orton feud was scheduled to run through Night of Champions, Battleground and Hell In a Cell.

No word yet if they plan on putting the WWE Title back on Bryan at one of these pay-per-views but word from this week’s TV tapings is that Orton is heavily written into the WWE Title picture until January at least.

– Kane’s return match against Bray Wyatt will likely take place at the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view, possibly inside the Cell.


  • uibiub

    They haven’t even started to explain where the Wyatts took him after the summerslam match …

    • ShadowBroker

      Just that Kane likes it where he is, in Bray’s words. But really it just has provided Kane time to film the movie, without being interrupted.