Backstage News On Rock & Cena Teaming, Legends Show, Jericho

– After conducting an online poll asking fans to name the new WWE Network reality show where wrestling legends live together in a house, the name that will be used is “WWE House of Fame.”

WWE recently trademarked that name and “WWE WrestleMania Rewind” for the WrestleMania recap show on the network.

As noted before, the name of the Divas road trip show will be called “WWE Divas: Heels on Wheels!”

The other show that’s being discussed features a look at the Monday Night War between WWE RAW and WCW Nitro.

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter after watching

the new Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels DVD: “Watched the @ShawnMichaels_ @BretHart rivalry DVD and it was incredible. True emotion and feeling…gave me closure as a fan. A must see!”

– As seen on RAW, The Rock and John Cena will be teaming up together against The Miz and R-Truth at Survivor Series on 11/20.

As recent as last week – WWE was planning on featuring The Rock and Cena in a traditional 5-on-5 match.

As previously reported, WWE is billing John Cena and The Rock’s tag team at Survivor Series as “The Most Charismatic Tag Team of All Time.”