Backstage News On Ryback Having Heat Within WWE, Responds To Arm Wrestling Report

– Ryback is not well liked at all these days within WWE, even among people who used to have nothing but nice things to say about him, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports.

– JBL mentioned a recent arm wrestling challenge from Titus O’Neil that Ryback backed out of. Ryback responded to that report on Twitter:

Photos Of The Original Idea For Ryback

  • arlowoodenhead

    Is Ryback calling JBL a liar? Talk about a botch!

  • Trainwreck

    Guys a jerk. In the words of the Wrestling God, ‘Ryback has a million dollar body and a one cent brain’.

  • samwich

    Ryback is just a lunatic, guy is off his nut! still, could be worse… no wait, it couldn’t get much worse for Ryan Reeves.

  • Ryan1019

    Ryback will be released and will then commit career suicide and go down as a complete waste of talent.