Backstage News On Seth Rollins & His Ring Gear, Will The Shield Get A Third Member Soon?

While WWE has teased a third member of The Shield this past week, it’s said that there are currently no plans to bring a new member into the group with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Also as of this week, Seth Rollins is not going to be an official member of Evolution.

One point of discussion within WWE right now is the ring gear that Rollins will be wearing now that he’s not in The Shield.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • codys moustache

    Honestly wwe is comical, if he’s no longer in the shield then he no longer has to dress like the shield, so why have him wrestle on main event? Why not leave him for raw only which gives u time to come up with a new outfit for him. So wait he takes off his suit and puts back on the outfit of the group he just turned on? Who the fuck is in charge over there? They need to be fired!

  • Paul Petitfrere

    What the fuck ? Then why turn Rollins heel in the first place if he’s not gonna be in Evolution

    • jmull

      Because the return of Evolution was just a temporary angle since they had to scrap the Batista/Orton feud over the title. HHH doesn’t want to be an active wrestler all the time, that ‘s why he only wrestles big matches at Summerslam and WM. There is no evolution right now.

    • Justin Hinkle

      Relax man, Its because Evolution is over with. After Batista left, Evolution has essentially been done. Triple H no longer comes out to Evolutions theme and hasn’t been accompanied by just Orton since.

  • thatpj

    Rollins needs a whole makeover now. Get him to shave and cut his hair. If you are gonna be Evolution go all the way!

    • Cage

      It will happen gradually. When Punk turned heel in 2012, he altered his look in phases as he went more and more evil

  • Guest

    You’d think they’d have this stuff in mind already…

  • Bryan


  • Justin Hinkle

    Why are they even contemplating what his attire will be? Just put him in his NXT attire, trunks and kickpads pretty simple.

    As for him not being a member of evolution, its because Evolution is basically over with. Triple H and Randy will still be aligned i’m sure but they just wont be known as Evolution anymore. Have you even heard Evolution’s theme since Shield beat them? No, Triple H comes out to his King Of Kings theme now.

  • matthewgarriet

    He is not joining because that stroyline is over Triple H just wanted to break up The Shield

    • Brandon

      Guys listen the only reason blutatsia left is because he had to make a few movies my guess is at summer slam Triple will except Plan B but will get plan c remember he doesn’t have offical reason as of why he left

  • Damyanpee

    They need to hurry up and get The Shield back together, they’re failing terribly with this storyline.. Rollins will obviously turn on the “Authority” and be back in The Shield..