Backstage News On Sheamus Turning Heel

Apparently when Sheamus kicked Dean Ambrose in the battle royal on this past week on Monday’s RAW, that was actually supposed to be his heel turn, according to a report by

Since fans haven’t picked up on it perhaps that means that they’ll shoot another angle on RAW.

  • cj

    lol, it was in the climax of an awesome match, of course nobody was gonna pick up on it. They should of had him grab the mic afterwards and talk trash about Ambrose, the shield or the city they were in or something.


    they should plan an impressive heel turn for Sheamus…i don’t know…something that’s gonna leave an impact

  • FemaleWrestlingNut

    Sheamus giving someone a Brogue Kick during a match was supposed to have been a heel turn?? But Sheamus always gives Brogue kicks. How were we supposed to know that??

  • Sir William McCormick

    Uh, what? The people would boo because Ambrose lost, not because Sheamus won. Why would that work? They should have had Sheamus do something really heelish to win the Battle Royal. Bring a chair into the match, hit a low blow, or something like that. That would have worked better than using a finisher that is known to end matches.

  • Kyle Wyatt

    that was suppost to be a heel turn???? i was actually like oh look new champion maybe the us title would mean something if that was suppost to be a heel turn that sir was pathetic

  • Necro

    If this is true that is the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen to turn someone heel, ever. This was almost as bad as Drew McIntyre’s 1-day face turn.