Backstage News On Steve Austin Possibly Never Wrestling Again, His WWE WrestleMania Status

Regarding speculation surrounding Steve Austin making an appearance at WrestleMania XXX, word is that if he does appear, it won’t be as an active wrestler.

Austin has talked privately about working with CM Punk in the past but Punk is currently scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXX. Word within WWE is that Austin has not been receptive to the idea of working a match this year, which given his age, may completely close the window on Austin ever wrestling again.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Larry Brown

    Thats stupid. They have time to work an angle with austin and punk and instead hhh is pushing himself again.

    • Crazy Bill

      Austin doesn’t WANT to work a match. Stop being a smark.

  • Phil Kimberley

    As much as the mark in me would love Austin to work at WM30, I can see why he doesn’t want to. He has extraordinarily high standards of himself – which is why he is, IMO, the greatest of all-time – and if he doesn’t feel he can be the Stone Cold Steve Austin of old, then he won’t do it. He’s not a Hogan/Flair.