Backstage News On Sting & WWE, Mickie James Comments On WWE Performance Center

– While a contract itself hasn’t been signed yet, talks between Sting and WWE are so far that they are discussing concepts for him using the name “A Man Called Sting.”

– Mickie James recently spoke with ABC 2 in Maryland and mentioned her recent visit to the WWE Performance Center:

“I got a call from the WWE about coming down and working with some of the girls. I’m interested in learning about the other side of the business so I thought it was a great opportunity. Having trained in small gyms and garages, it was an impressive site to see and nice to work with the WWE.”

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  • Jake

    A man called Sting? Although they keep the sting name, it isn’t trademarked to a company is it?

    • CLaZ

      Sting wouldn’t do it, because then WWE would own “Sting”. However, “A Man called Sting” is just ridiculous.

      • HellRaiser27

        Your ridiculous as long as Sting is in the WWE who gives a fuck what he is called.

        • Jake

          true but to hear what wont be his music imo and then justin roberts going ‘A man called Sting’ is gunna sound weird

          • jdogg1022

            Yeah but i seem to always recall hearing Michael Buffer announce him by The man called Sting. I just want to see him get his due and be placed in the WWE Hall of Fame and have a huge money match at Wrestlemania.

        • CLaZ

          Not remembering this is 2014 and Sting wrestles with a shirt on now for a reason, is ridiculous.

      • Jake

        but don’t the company have to consult him over the trademark? I mean he could say no

    • Big_Heat_34

      IIRC, Sting holds the trademark to his name, which is funny because the bass player from The Police is arguably the more “mainstream” and “well-known” Sting, but he pays royalties to the wrestler.

  • ed

    seriously i think Sting has earned the right to call himself sting….

  • Bigpapa2001

    Royal Rumble Baby!

  • Dean Ambrose

    Stings on his way baby!!!! I hope they don’t fuck this up!

  • john

    He should just be called sting

  • smark calloway

    i dont know what all you young punk kids are moaning about.. if you are a longtime fan like me, you will remember that he was called a man called sting all throughout his wcw days. in fact the theme song he had in the early to mid 90’s was indeed called ” a man called sting ” ( ” yeah hes a man called sting ” ) take a listen

    • CLaZ

      I am not moaning. But honestly, what, like 5% of the “WWE Universe” will know that???

      • smark calloway

        to be honest most of the wwe universe audience probably dont even know who he is. i mean tna gets abysmal ratings and the general public has no idea it even exists,so they wouldnt have seen him on it . and the younger wwe fans that attend wwe events or watch wwe tv nowadays arent going to know who he is, because they were not even born in stings hayday . so to a lot of the audience he is “just another guy ” anyway, regardless of what name he is given. so wwe will need to show a lot of old footage to establish him as a legend in the eyes of the newer casual audience before he makes his debut in the fed

  • Wrestling 007

    Ric Flair > Sting!!

  • Mr Slippyfist

    <—– Will mark out 4 Sting

  • Kyle

    Ummm, RVD owns the rights to his name, as does Angle, as does Goldberg, Flair, Hogan, and they all worked with WWE just fine. It seems like this is more of a nickname like “The Icon Sting”. His name was always Sting once it became Sting. They’d call him Stinger, and The Man They Call Sting, but his name was always Sting. The way I wanted it to go was like this, Sting retired from competition with TNA, then signs a WWE Legends contract, so we can get proper DVDS and game inclusions. Everyone makes money, and Sting is still the guy that never wrestled for Vince. If he signs now, fine, but sign him for atleast a year, in an RVD 90 days on 90 days off schedule. Have him lose to Taker and Mania, have a disputed finish at Sumsrslam, then have Sting end the Streak at Mania 31, and in between that, let Sting work with younger guys. If you’re going to bring him in, do it right, and make it mean something to everyone, otherwise it’s pointless, except for money.