Backstage News On Sting’s Status With WWE, Deal Already Signed?, Possible Plans & More

Negotiations are ongoing between Sting and WWE, PWInsider reports. Word is that a decision must be made within the next 2 weeks on whether or not Sting is going to join the company.

Several factors are being worked out right now including scheduling and what Sting is and isn’t willing to do creatively. This does not mean Sting is definitely coming to WWE and he could very well work another year with TNA but the impression has been given that Sting realizes if he’s going to have a run with WWE, this is the time.

The impression was also given, within WWE, that there will not be a match against The Undertaker, at least at this year’s WrestleMania event. However, the idea of Sting debuting at WrestleMania XXX with some kind of cameo or vignette has been discussed.

There’s also a feeling that Sting is the face of WCW and with WWE promoting a lot of WCW content on the Network, he could be an asset there. Sting is considered a fresh, unique face when they are used to using people like Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page to promote their WCW projects.

While it was believed on Monday that no deal had been signed yet, RF Video’s Rob Feinstein noted on Facebook this morning that he heard Sting signed a deal with WWE in the last 24 hours, for what it’s worth. He posted posted the following:

“I was just informed Sting has signed a deal with WWE in the last 24 hours. I still think personally he will show up after Mania since it seems like Undertaker vs Brock is what they are aiming for. Reminds me when everyone thought Brock would debut in Miami but they waited for Raw.”

  • jp

    Sting vs taker needs to happen this year not next year

  • Ravyn Stone

    I don’t see Sting jobbing to Taker .. I don’t see Taker jobbing his Undefeated Streak to Sting. I think The Streak will be broken by someone moving up in the company like Bryan (that’s IF they break the Streak) not someone having a short run with the company before retirement.

  • James Humwood

    No next year would be better they need to actually build him up not just throw him in there if they do it this year no one would believe he could have a chance they need a year to build him up and get him familiar with the wwe audience…. Also on a related note sting in wwe would be awesome he may be older but he can still wrestle and if wwe used him correctly he could be hugely popular with the wwe audience.

    • Hosep

      Did they build up Batista? You absolutely do not have to build Sting up lol, though the chances are thin, Taker vs Sting has been the match of all matches for over a decade, that would sell Wrestlemania alone. The only reason I see them not being able to do that this year is because of plans for Taker/Lesnar.

      • James Humwood

        No you would have to build him up because wwe current fans are dumb kids who don’t know the real legends

        • James Humwood

          Oops sorry lol shouldn’t have called the fans dumb I went full heel mode there

      • James Humwood

        natista had only been gone like 4 years sting has been gone like 14 years theres a huge difference ppl knew of batista they didnt know of sting because alot of the current audience never watched wcw

  • ripken

    Sting vs Taker should never happen. It sounds like a GREAT match. Neither man is in any shape to put on the caliber match that we would want. It would be like Christmas Day. We spent so much time building it up in our heads and then to not get what we asked Santa for.

    • Jay Ciaravino

      I like to think that Taker still has one last great one in him, but I’m more apt to believe that when he ends the streak, as he has stated he would like to do, it will be for a young guy with a long road ahead of him. Not someone on his way out.

    • Raihan Khan

      it would be perfect, none of them r in a grat chape, so it makes sense, sting vs taker. #onceinalifetime

  • Jay Ciaravino

    Personally, I think it would be cool if Sting teamed up with Taker. Who would they face? IDK, but I think it would be better for the fans to be able to root for both men.

  • cj

    I’m just glad he’s there, or will be there, or may be there or whatever the case.

  • Raihan Khan

    love or hate wwe, they always have smething special for fans #bestforbusiness