Backstage News On Sting’s WWE Status & Latest On “WWE Orchestra” Casting Call

Regarding the Sting video casting call that we’ve been reporting on, PWInsider noted earlier that it was for WWE’s Sting DVD project and for b-roll footage that they may need in the future. reports that this isn’t actually a project directly from WWE, but from another agency that works with WWE. It’s also not being filmed for WWE programming.

On a related note, Sting has not signed with WWE as of today and there are no plans, as of today, for Sting to appear any time soon on RAW.

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    Who gives a shit about this non news.

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      You read it

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        No, clown, I click on it HOPING for something newsworthy.

  • Brandon Smith

    yea and yall have been so good at getting inside information lately for all we know sting could have signed a hour ago and join the shield lol

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    shut up internet wrestling fans, watch it for what it is, and stop with the so call spoilers and moaning about lack of rumours.

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    He will appear on a raw confront undertaker wrestle wm31 and then retire.