Plans For Summer Rae, Layla & Fandango, Triple H, Interview With Big Bossman’s Family (Video)

– WWE is planning a Layla vs. Summer Rae match soon with Fandango as the special referee, possibly as a pay-per-view match.

– Triple H was in attendance for Friday night’s WWE NXT live event from Daytona Beach, Florida.

– Diamond Dallas Page posted an interview with the late Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor’s wife and daughter Megan, looking back at his life and career:

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  • Bryan

    Since every wants to talk about how roman has a look. What about summer rae? She looks like a toe and they’re still pushing her. Lol people are ass backwards

    • jmull

      Just trying to sell movies. Bad movies. The more she is out there, the more they can hype the Marine 49. Or is this the Marine 50? I’ve lost count.

  • cj

    I’m all for diva’s having storylines because that’s so rare these and the fact they have multiple diva feuds (Paige/Alica , Natalya/Bella’s, Summer/Layla) but if summer is supposed to be a heel , what does this feud with Layla accomplish ? I’m glad that Layla isn’t just Rosa’d and is being used but idk lol